My apologies to all, and to Mr Robert Gore.

Posted by Storo 1 year ago to The Gulch: General
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My apologies to all, and to Mr Gore as I became overly zealous, and my indignation got the better of me while titling my post, and reduced myself to name calling. You are correct that in intellectual discussion it is inappropriate.
I became indignant, and quite upset at what I felt was Mr Gore's unfair portrayal of our government as evil, Intellectually corrupt, institutional murderers and a bloodthirsty, tyrannical regime, and even more so by his accusing the American people of "tolerating these homicidal megalomaniacs", ignoring the alleged wrongs perpetrated by the aforementioned government, or otherwise getting doped up or burying our heads in the sand.
I am a proud American, and Vietnam Veteran. Our government certainly isn't perfect, and there is plenty to criticize. I could not in good conscience allow what I believed to be Mr Gore's over the top descriptions of the country and the American people go unanswered. I got carried away, and I offer my sincere apology for allowing that to happen.

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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 1 year ago
    Cognitive dissonance gets the better of us all at some point in our lives. It happens more often these days because we have only begun to awaken.
    This truly is a time of revelation for now, we begin to see and learn what the mice have been up to while the cats were asleep.

    I am reminded of something that I only recently realized: If this life and our evolution into conscious introspection was to be so damn easy...there would of been no need for forgiveness.
    I am sure Robert appreciates the effort you've gone to in making amends.
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 1 year ago
    I was among the first to disagree with you.
    I also think the apology is a rational response to a mistake. +1 Identifying an error and correcting it is in your own ethical self interest.
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  • Posted by  $  edweaver 1 year ago
    Mr Gore deserved this apology. As for me, an apology was not needed but it does allow me to read what you write in future posts. You've earned my respect.

    I am also a proud American, but not proud of my government. They are taking our natural rights at all levels, local, state & federal. It is my belief that we are headed down the path of Venezuela. I'm certain that many of the Venezuela people did not see coming what is going on there. Too busy living the good life and not paying attention. If I have it correct, they voted openly for the people in office, just like us. (I realize they have a slightly different form of government) Slowly, they lost their natural rights until they now have a dictator. And the legislators they elected did not stand up to their so called leader until he took all control. Now it is too late.

    Look at what is going on now in America. Obama (and previous presidents from both parties) got away with all kinds of executive orders and our legislators did nothing. Currently the only things that Trump can get done are executive orders, which continues the precedent and allows future leaders to do the same thing. Our legislators should be slowing and stopping executive orders. It should anger them that any president is going over their head, but it doesn't. Of course I could be wrong and only time will tell. But I for one will not be caught by surprise if 20 years from now we are in the same boat.
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    • Posted by freedomforall 1 year ago
      "Our legislators should be slowing and stopping executive orders. It should anger them that any president is going over their head, but it doesn't. "
      Most of them understand the pecking order of the not-so-hidden aristocracy, and they don't dare endanger their positions. One or two only owe allegiance to the constitution and the people in their district, and realize that the oath of office has meaning.
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  • Posted by Abaco 1 year ago
    It's nice to see that apology.

    I longer share many of my observations online, mainly because people do things like you did, Storo. I have spoken with Mr. Gore at length and find him to be one sharp dude. Let's all remember to listen to the sharp guy in the room once in a while. Happy Friday. Chill out, and be glad that you, like me, found the Gulch...
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