Robert Gore is an idiot.

Posted by Storo 2 years, 10 months ago to Politics
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Let me preface my ranting comments by saying that I know I will be labeled all manner of evil after this post. So save your vitriol.

"Killing Them Is Killing Us.", written by a stock trader and neophyte pulp fiction author has to be one of the most radical, treasonous, irrational and malicious pieces of propaganda ever authored in a country that values free speech. It should have been posted on the website "twistedlogic.com".

It's obvious that Dole is another America hater. While he writes great rhetoric, he has no factual basis for any of his accusations such as:

"...viscous act of intellectual corruption...";

And another farcical allusion to Hitler's methodology. Disgusting.

"And Like many bloodthirsty, tyrannical regimes the US government has warmed up on foreigners. However, the functionaries and politicians who now push the Kill the Enemy button also push the Domestic Surveillance button. They will not hesitate to push the Enemies of the State, Mass Detention, Concentration Camp, and Execution buttons when the time is right."

And such language disguises the real intent of this piece in typical, leftist, communist fashion. That intent is to paint anyone and anything, but especially the American Government as corrupt, callous, crude, and evil, whose actions lack any socially redeeming value or purpose. The other intent of this piece is to paint the American people at once as brainwashed, stupid, and as equally "corrupt" as the "corrupt" government that has spoon fed them their "intellectual corruption" to the point where the people have no ideals, morals, or do not value human life, but simply follow along behind the "corrupt" government like little puppies, all the while slowly absorbing the impact of the wanton killing being carried out in their name, and thus share the blame for this corruption and outright evil. Really??!!

This author can't paint the American People as being any more worthless than that.

So let's review some of the reality that this author ignores.

9/11 was the largest attack ever perpetrated on American soil, costing more lives than any such attack including Pearl Harbor. The attack on the USS Cole cost some 17 American lives, and the attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut cost another 241 American lives. Never mind the radical Islam-inspired attacks at Ft Hood, San Bernadino, Orlando, or the seven other attacks on US soil, or the attacks in Berlin, Paris, Nice, Madrid, London and the remainder of the 377 terrorist attacks carried out in the US and Europe that has cost thousands of lives: never mind all of that.

Let's look instead at some of the incidents carried out in the Middle East itself in the name of Islam.
How about starting with the beheadings by Al Qaida, put on videos and broadcast to the world?
Or the kidnapping, systematic rape and murder of 75 young girls by Boko Harem (Islamic State West Africa) in Nigeria?
Or perhaps we should look at the US Embassy bombings in Africa during the Clinton Administration, or the attack in Benghazi, or the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia, or the beheading of dozens of Christians by ISIS, or the said 250 children killed by putting them through a dough kneader in Duma, or the multiple attacks in Indonesia killing dozens, or the hundreds of car bombings and other attacks that have been carried out in Israel, not to mention rockets and mortars, or the nearly 7,000 Christians beheaded or otherwise murdered in 2015 alone. What does the author say we should do about this? Apparently nothing.

The author talks about how huge swaths of the Middle East have been turned into rubble. Just who turned them to rubble? The radical Muslims themselves!! Mr Dole apparently never read the reports of ISIS destroying to the ground homes, churches, schools, world historical sites and even mosques that offended their sensibilities.

Then we watch on tv the US air strikes using pinpoint targeting and surgically precise smart weapons to strike a specific target with minimum "collateral damage" as possible. Yes, civilians sometimes get caught in the crossfire. In many instances ISIS or other Islamic terrorists pack buildings with civilians believing that the US won't attack if civilians are present, and many times they are correct in that assessment. This hardly sounds like the "bloodthirsty, tyrannical regime" that carries out "institutionalized murder" that Mr Dole wants us to believe exists in Washington.

There are issues aplenty in our government to be sure. And the government does not always tell the truth to the people, nor should they. There is corruption. There are all manner of hidden agendas. Right now we have an ongoing, hidden and open, crusade by many in our government and the press to bring down a legally elected President. And they cannot even provide a reason. All of that will be addressed by the American People.

Meanwhile, western civilization is at war with Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Just like the West fought against Islamic absolutism in 1683 at the gates of Vienna, or the Christians finally pushing Islam out of Spain after 400 years. We use our resources to fight that war, and we do so judiciously, even half-measuredly, to the chagrin of many of us who believe we are not doing enough.

Mr Dole's piece is nothing more than leftist, communist propaganda. He, like Charles Lindbergh during World War II, is giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States who would not blink an eye at chopping off his head and feeding him to the dogs, the infidel.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 2 years, 10 months ago
    I highly value Robert Gore's postings and articles.
    I disagree with your conclusion about his mental ability.
    Domestic statist enemies in DC are responsible for most of the problems Americans are experiencing. The people (individual liberty and rights of property) need more protection from domestic enemies than from foreign enemies at present, but if the domestic enemies, both GOP and Democrat, aren't stopped, the foreign enemies may become a greater threat than they currently are today.

    And who is Mr. Dole?
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  • Posted by $ straightlinelogic 2 years, 10 months ago
    I learned long ago that when they start calling you names, you've won the argument. I would have read what you had to say, and perhaps responded to it, but not when you start off by calling me an idiot.
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    • Posted by $ straightlinelogic 2 years, 10 months ago
      An addendum: I am deeply disappointed that on a sight devoted to Ayn Rand and rational thought, anyone would resort to name calling no matter how viscerally they detest someone else's position.
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      • Posted by CircuitGuy 2 years, 10 months ago
        "anyone would resort to name calling "
        I agree. If I hadn't read the books and just went by some vocal fans, I would think name-calling were a key part of her writing.
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  • Posted by Dobrien 2 years, 10 months ago
    I disagree , our govt for many years has not operated in its citizens best interests. My mid sized suburban city has seen a huge increase in Muslim immigrants since 911. Now a large part of our govt doesn't want to vette out radical Muslim
    Foreigners from coming here. I call it insanity.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 2 years, 10 months ago
    There is a logical leap after you say "So let's review some of the reality that this author ignores." All the evil that ISIS does does not make it a good idea for the US to be a global empire.

    After reviewing how bad ISIS is, you say "Western civilization is at war with Islamic fundamentalism". I think there are many hardcore criminals motivated by Islamic fundamentalism, but calling it a "war" with civilization aggrandizes the thugs. Calling it a war against "Western civilization" plays into the extremists' narrative that there is something "Western" about civilization. They're like people selling homeopathy as an alternative to "Western" medicine, when they really mean scientific medicine. Islamists say they're an alternative to "Western" civilization, but they really mean civilization.

    "What does the author say we should do about [thousands of murders in 2015 motivated by religious extremism]?"
    I (no connection to the author) think we should investigate, prosecute, and punish murder using the criminal justice systems of the civilized world. Maintaining a global empire is not an effective method of stopping these crimes.
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    • Posted by 2 years, 10 months ago
      Whether or not it's a good idea, Western Civilization has dominated global culture for at least the last 300 years. "Western" is the name based on "Eastern" generally being Asia. Just watch a travelogue about Africa, or Siberia, or any other part of the world and you'll see the people with MP3 players, Nike sneakers, Coca-Cola tee shirts, and LA Lakers baseball caps. Western culture is everywhere, but it's commercial, and that doesn't make it a "global empire".
      Just name another country outside the 50 states and the legal territories that the US governs. The countries - the Philippines, Cuba, and others - that the US took in the Spanish-American War are all sovereign nations today. The US and its allies defeated Germany and Japan in World War II. Did we keep the territory? No. We rebuilt those countries and others in Europe and Asia so later they could kick our butts economically.
      And how many "colonies" does the US have? None! So where is this "global empire"?
      We are not perfect. Far from it. But we are not Dr Frankenstein, or Hitler, or Stalin. If you give credit where due, we are far more benevolent than just about any country in the world, and far more generous with both lives and treasure.
      And, yes, there are a few who are "inspired" by radical Islam as opposed to being part of the larger Islam. But do not make the mistake of believing that it's just a few "hardcore criminals". When ISIS - an organization that reportedly at one time had as many as 60,000 under its command - beheads a bunch of people and then say that they are bringing this to the Great Satan (us) it must be taken seriously. It's not to make them feel better about themselves, it is to wake everybody up to the fact they they are serious about it, and we should be too.
      I disagree that we need to try them in our courts. Summary execution after getting any intelligence they have is the best path, and the only path they understand.
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