Amy Peikoff on Fox News right now

Posted by  $  jbrenner 2 years, 3 months ago to News
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Amy Peikoff is debating Tucker Carlson about a study that claims that atheists are less open-minded than religionists.

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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 2 years, 3 months ago
    Having never really thought about that until now, me dino suddenly visualizes two horses running neck-to-neck.
    New thought~Now I imagine two greyhounds doing the same thing.
    Another new thought~Two butting rams never backing down. Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!
    I'll take number three.
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  • Posted by  $  MikeMarotta 2 years, 3 months ago
    Well, once again, digging a bit for the truth uncovers more of it... You can buy the original paper for $35.95 from the publisher.

    While the religious right such as The Blaze repeated what they thought they wanted to hear, it seems that the study itself was more nuanced. See this atheist site for their review:

    There, quoting from the original paper: "... religiosity is, to a modest degree, characterized by dogmatism, defined as an inflexibility of ideas, unjustified certainty or denial of evidence contrary to one’s own beliefs… the need for closure, i.e. the need for structure, order, and answers… Not surprisingly thus, religiosity, though to a lesser extent and less consistently than fundamentalism, is often found to predict prejudice. This is certainly the case against moral (e.g., gay persons) and religious outgroups and atheists, but also against ethnic or racial outgroups, at least in monotheistic religious context."

    And "... The results, in line with our rationale in the introduction, seem to question, to some extent, the global idea that rigidity and inflexibility characterize only religious believers but not nonbelievers. The results further suggest that, at least in secularized Western countries, where unbelief has progressively become normative, nonbelievers may be less socialized and less motivated to imagine, understand, and appreciate others’ perspectives."

    In college, I learned to call this "the sociological perspective" and to understand that in the USA, African-Americans tend to have it, while White people tend not to. It is because the urban Black culture exists within another culture. The same applies to Jews in America, and many other ethnic groups that maintain their identity within the wider culture. However, those of the dominant culture tend not to experience it from the outside, so they are dogmatic about it. "Make America great again," the man said.

    Note, also, though, that just maintaining a minority culture does not make you an open minded sociologist. If honor killings by Muslims does not prove that, watch the opening scenes of The Godfather where the father asks to have two men who raped his daughter taken care of. "She did not keep to old country ways..."

    So, it is complicated, which is what the study actually said, it seems.
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