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Posted by Genez 11 years, 9 months ago to The Gulch: General
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Reading through Atlas Shrugged for probably the 4th time but it's been about 10-15 years. So refreshing to be reminded of what it means to value the mind and it's abilities. I've taught my kids that they need to work to acheive and not expect anything to be given to them. All have paid for their own vehicles, worked and been valued workers because of their attitude and work ethic. As I read the book again I'm seeing the evidence mount that we are well on the path to a similar collapse. However, I am encouraged by the fact that we are not as far gone as it could be. My hope is that enough people do not want to just 'go along' that we will never be to the point of letting the collectivists completely take charge. I think we have to all be making efforts to teach others and our children the problems with many of the current philosophies so that they don't just let it happen...

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