Thoughts about secession

Posted by WWJGD 11 years, 7 months ago to Politics
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A while back we were discussing the secession petitions here. I think we came to a consensus that Texas will be the first state to do so.

LetsShrug, an Arizonan, held forth that her state will be the second. I concurred.

I had lots of time to think about that today while traveling across the northern edge of the state and I wanted to share a bit of it: specifically, what about the Navahos?

I've been in Navaho territory all day, of course, and as far as I know I'm still in it from where I'm posting tonight (Page, AZ).

Think about this: Should Arizona decide to secede, what happens to the Navaho section of Arizona? Aren't the Indian lands considered to be separate nations, where the state containing their lands has little to no jurisdiction? At least that's the way it is with the tribal lands in Montana; not sure it's the same here.

It looks to me like the Navahos have been VERY successful and are making a nice income from the natural resources on their lands. Would they want to upset that apple cart by joining with the rest of the state in leaving the U.S.? Or would they prefer to remain a part of the United States?

It seems an interesting question to me.

For what it's worth, this town is wound up WAY too tight. Now that I've had a whiff of the political winds that are blowing here -- e.g. the > 2 gigawatt power plant here (on Navaho land!) and all the hate it's getting from the environmentalists, the Obama administration, and even its biggest customer (Los Angeles) -- I'm beginning to understand why everyone here is on edge.

Too much for me. I'm heading into Nevada's Valley of Fire tomorrow where there is no Internet and not even any cell service. Not sure I ever want to come out.

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  • Posted by HazelChaser53 11 years, 7 months ago
    I'm from Arizona, too, and I don't think we'll secede--I think we'll get kicked out, first.
    In all seriousness, that is an interesting question. I highly doubt any state will actually secede, but as a hypothetical...
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    • Posted by LetsShrug 11 years, 7 months ago
      Signing petitions is one thing (it should send a message, but the ears in DC are deaf), actually succeeding is a whole 'nother thing, which will probably never happen because it would involve fighting for what you believe in and too many people don't even have that part figured out (or even care!). It would be war-like and we'd end up in camps. Which would actually play into the powers that be's hands so they could declare martial law and stay in office forever. Do a little power grab like Morsi in Egypt and plants roots forever. We're screwed, the way I see it, either way.. those who need to be awakened will only open their eyes and see reality when it is far too passed the point of no return.
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  • Posted by khalling 11 years, 7 months ago
    yea, you do have that rogue governor there! Indian nations don't have to comply with the exact same laws as the rest of country states do. They end up enjoying an advantage, if you will, due to that. The more laws imposed on the rest of use ie. taxes on cigarettes, the more they can capitalize, much like smugglers do. I'm glad they can do it, but if Arizona secedes and changes its rules, the Indian nation economy will have competitors.
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