Philosophy? What about religion?

Posted by jalibah 9 years, 8 months ago to Philosophy
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Why does Ayn neglect religion in her novels . . . except to use it as another nemesis against the hero? There are many faiths (liberation theology, especially) that help subjegate the masses to the will of the government, bu the study of Jesus has many profound parallels to the heros of Ayn's story. Christ is offered all the kingdoms of the world by Satan - same offer as God's but he wouldn't have to die a brutal death first. Sounds pretty tempting, but he stayed true to his core beliefs despite great opposition (Roark and Galt had it easy comparatively). Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's . . . but no more! Jesus walked the walk but he has been minimized by organized religion, Just as AS was by the first film. Hope they get it right this time.

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  • Posted by $ jmlesniewski 9 years, 8 months ago
    Inductively, because objectivism is about man's own happiness as the purpose of his life. Religion introduces something (usually a higher creature) as superior to man, thus necessitating man subject himself to that something. Deductively, because metaphysics (observable reality), epistemology (man's mean of understanding reality is his mind), and ethics (rational self-interested) are contradicted by faith. Faith is holding something higher than the reality man observes with his own faculties.
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