Warning for Men

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Warning for men
For years women have been rightly warned about dark parking lots and
to be aware of their surroundings and rightly so.
When I heard about this threat to men I wanted to check it out myself.
This is a heads up for men who frequent the different marts and depots
stores. I too became a victim of this fraud. Simply going to pickup some basic supplies
It can put you at risk!
Here is how I was victimized. It is the same thing that I had heard about.
While returning to my car with the shopping cart. Two scantily clad women
came up to my car and started cleaning my windows.
With the loose t-shirts it was nearly impossible to not look.
When they had finished I wanted to offer them a tip for the service.
They refused but asked for a ride to Mickey D's so of course I agreed.
Once in the car they both hopped into the front seat.
Soon their hands were all over me.
After I reached the destination and dropped them off, I drove away.
Upon arriving at home I discovered my wallet was missing.
I had my wallet stolen. This happened May 6 and on the 8th also
the 13th, twice on the 15th. and likely this coming weekend.
Oh and the dollar store has wallets for $0.99

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  • Posted by Herb7734 1 year ago
    I suggest that you just throw a .99 cent wallet out the window and drive home. On the other hand, you might consider keeping the wallet and letting them have the car. Car theft is a felony and you might get some police action. Or, you might park a number of cars in parking lots you often frequent and drive home in one of those after giving up the car you came in. Just a thought.?.
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