Cats and Being and Nothingness

Posted by rbroberg 4 years, 8 months ago to Humor
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Can a cat be in two times at once? Time travel is as of yet science fiction, at least to the knowledge of the writer...The obvious answer to the question is "no, a cat cannot be in two times at once".

But the cat existed in two times, because the cat existed one second, one hour, or one year earlier. The cat is alive and that's something true now that was, so if the cat can be alive now and in the past, then can a cat be in two times at once? Can the cat be in the past? Perhaps a dead cat. But is a "dead" cat dead, necessarily? We know that dead cats can also be alive, per Schrodinger's experiment - until we look to observe that fact. Therefore, can a cat be in two times at once, provided it is either dead or alive and not observed to be one or the other? Does this explain the phenomenon of the number of cats we see in Long Beach, or, in the north of Kahalui, for instance?

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