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"Work is well underway on a new graphic novel based on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, to be published in the next couple of years by New American Library (NAL), a division of Penguin Random House with the approval of Leonard Peikoff. The designer and artist is Bosch Fawstin with a script by him and Amy Peikoff, adapted from the novel. The graphic novel will most likely be published in three volumes over a period of a few months after it is completed."

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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 1 year, 2 months ago
    Bosch Fawstin the artist for this project is a self -proclaimed recovering Muslim , he was born into a Muslim family and is now an atheist. From his Twitter acct he said "I hear about "hatred" for Muslims in America. There's No hatred like the hatred Muslims have for Americans. A hatred that leads to murder."

    May 4, 2016 - “Bosch Fawstin's winning Muhammad cartoon removed by eBay on 'technicality,'” by Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times, May 4, 2016: The artist who won the “draw Mohammed” cartoon ...won the “draw Mohammed” cartoon contest attacked by terrorists last May in Garland, Texas, said his drawing was removed from eBay Wednesday on a “technicality.”
    Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim, won $12,500 in prize money at the May 3, 2015, event, sponsored by Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), for a drawing that showed a sword-wielding prophet in a turban shouting, “You can’t draw me.” In reply, a cartoon bubble portrayed the artist as writing, “That’s why I draw you.”
    Two terrorists opened fire on officers outside the event before they were fatally shot by police.
    Mr. Fawstin opened bidding on his drawing Sunday, saying, “Own a piece of history. Own the Cartoon at the Center of a Terrorist Attack,” Breitbart News reported.
    On Wednesday, the auction had been removed.
    “ATTENTION: MY EBAY LISTING’S BEEN REMOVED,” Mr. Fawstin wrote on Twitter. “Those who bid $ on my winning Mohammad cartoon, I’ll try to re-list ASAP.”
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  • Posted by  $  Flootus5 1 year, 2 months ago
    Remember all the questions about the proposed movie/mini series?

    Will this portrayal be in the modern era? Will it be in the 50's with all its railroads and relatively unfettered industry? At least by today's standards with the EPA, Labor, Commerce Clause abuses.
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