Moving to a third world country or a first world country.

Posted by CerrodelAngel 7 years, 3 months ago to Economics
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Plan B for most families are just wait for things to deteriorate in all levels, and then we touch bottom and panic because we dont have a realistic plan B. If you ask most people, they just say I move to Mexico, Central America or south America. All third world countries, with the exemption of Chile, only first world country in South America.

When you move to a third world country in the Americas you have to deal with tropical diseases, like denge, yellow fever, malaria, etc, etc, also deal with venomous snakes and spiders. And If you buy land or a House you have to be on alert all the time, squatters moving into you're land, or stealing from you. It is so bad that it wears you off eventually.

Thats why I opt for Chile, I don't want to worry about venomous snakes, spiders and tropical diseases, I want to feel safe and don't worry about squatters trying to steal my land, or breaking into my house.

I can help or advise anyone on a plan B, getting a second passport or invest in Chile.

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