AUCTION: Signed Atlas Shrugged "Heroic Love" Poster

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Place your bid on the signed "Heroic Love" movie poster now:

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When asked by film producer Albert Ruddy if an Atlas Shrugged screenplay could focus on the love story, Ayn Rand said, "That's all it ever was."

Atlas Shrugged is the ultimate love story - the love of self and love of life.

The "Heroic Love" movie poster, designed by Associate Producer Scott DeSapio for the conclusion of the Atlas Shrugged Trilogy, celebrates that love by featuring a sculpture by Michael Wilkerson, himself an advocate of Ayn Rand’s work, whose pieces often reflect the hero in man.

And, while beautiful, the poster also serves as so much more.

This awesome placard also represents Producer John Aglialoro’s love for Ayn Rand’s ideas and her epic work, Atlas Shrugged. A love that took him on a nearly insurmountable journey to see Atlas Shrugged played out on the silver screen.

This official Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? movie “one sheet” was signed by the film's stars and producers at the movie's premiere in Las Vegas on September 6, 2014 - the event that finally brought John Aglialoro's decades-long struggle to a close.

Later Scott DeSapio would write, "Imagine the courage required to take on the job of adapting such a book to film. ... Imagine knowing you would never live up to the legacy of the book, but that you had to try… you had to give it everything you had... because it just had to be done - the ideas just had to make their way to the masses - come hell or high water.”

The "Heroic Love" movie poster captures the essence of Atlas Shrugged and John Aglialoro's mission, and it is a must-have for Ayn Rand advocates everywhere.

This poster is signed by:

- Kris Polaha (John Galt)
- Laura Regan (Dagny Taggart)
- Dominic Daniel (Eddie Willers)
- Lew Temple (Ellis Wyatt)
- Peter Mackenzie (Head of State Thompson)
- James Manera (Director)
- Elia Cmiral (Composer)
- John Aglialoro (Producer)
- Harmon Kaslow (Producer)
- Scott DeSapio (Associate Producer)
- Bernie Laramie (Co-Producer)

There are very few of these posters in existence; don't miss your chance to own a beautiful piece of Atlas Shrugged history.

Place your bid on the signed "Heroic Love" movie poster now:

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