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America's Second Civil War

Dennis Prager
Posted: Jan 24, 2017 12:01 AM

It is time for our society to acknowledge a sad truth: America is currently fighting its second Civil War.
In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as World War I once there was World War II, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.
This Second Civil War, fortunately, differs in another critically important way: It has thus far been largely nonviolent. But given increasing left-wing violence, such as riots, the taking over of college presidents' offices and the illegal occupation of state capitols, nonviolence is not guaranteed to be a permanent characteristic of the Second Civil War.
There are those on both the left and right who call for American unity. But these calls are either naive or disingenuous. Unity was possible between the right and liberals, but not between the right and the left.
Liberalism -- which was anti-left, pro-American and deeply committed to the Judeo-Christian foundations of America; and which regarded the melting pot as the American ideal, fought for free speech for its opponents, regarded Western civilization as the greatest moral and artistic human achievement and viewed the celebration of racial identity as racism -- is now affirmed almost exclusively on the right and among a handful of people who don't call themselves conservatives.
The left, however, is opposed to every one of those core principles of liberalism.
Like the left in every other country, the left in America essentially sees America as a racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, warmongering, money-worshiping, moronically religious nation.
Just as in Western Europe, the left in America seeks to erase America's Judeo-Christian foundations. The melting pot is regarded as nothing more than an anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic meme. The left suppresses free speech wherever possible for those who oppose it, labeling all non-left speech "hate speech." To cite only one example, if you think Shakespeare is the greatest playwright or Bach is the greatest composer, you are a proponent of dead white European males and therefore racist.
Without any important value held in common, how can there be unity between left and non-left? Obviously, there cannot.
There will be unity only when the left vanquishes the right or the right vanquishes the left. Using the First Civil War analogy, American unity was achieved only after the South was vanquished and slavery was abolished.
How are those of us who oppose left-wing nihilism -- there is no other word for an ideology that holds Western civilization and America's core values in contempt -- supposed to unite with "educators" who instruct elementary school teachers to cease calling their students "boys" and "girls" because that implies gender identity? With English departments that don't require reading Shakespeare in order to receive a degree in English? With those who regard virtually every war America has fought as imperialist and immoral? With those who regard the free market as a form of oppression? With those who want the state to control as much of American life as possible? With those who repeatedly tell America and its black minority that the greatest problems afflicting black Americans are caused by white racism, "white privilege" and "systemic racism"? With those who think that the nuclear family ideal is inherently misogynistic and homophobic? With those who hold that Israel is the villain in the Middle East? With those who claim that the term "Islamic terrorist" is an expression of religious bigotry?
The third significant difference between the First and Second Civil Wars is that in the Second Civil war, one side has been doing nearly all the fighting. That is how it has been able to take over schools -- from elementary schools, to high schools, to universities -- and indoctrinate America's young people; how it has taken over nearly all the news media; and how it has taken over entertainment media.
The conservative side has lost on every one of these fronts because it has rarely fought back with anything near the ferocity with which the left fights. Name a Republican politician who has run against the left as opposed to running solely against his or her Democratic opponent. And nearly all American conservatives, people who are proud of America and affirm its basic tenets, readily send their children to schools that indoctrinate their children against everything the parents hold precious. A mere handful protest when their child's teacher ceases calling their son a boy or their daughter a girl, or makes "slave owner" the defining characteristic of the Founding Fathers.
With the defeat of the left in the last presidential election, the defeat of the left in two-thirds of the gubernatorial elections and the defeat of the left in a majority of House and Senate elections, this is likely the last chance liberals, conservatives and the right have to defeat the American left. But it will not happen until these groups understand that we are fighting for the survival of America no less than the Union troops were in the First Civil War.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 2 years, 6 months ago
    "we are fighting for the survival of America no less than the Union troops were in the First Civil War"
    The union troops were not fighting for the survival of America. They supposedly fought to "preserve the union" which was political doubletalk for the whigs "American" system of corporate welfare. It enslaved everyone and freed no one.

    I think we agree that the non-left should be fighting for the survival and supremacy of individual liberty and free markets today because that is what created what we know as America.
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    • Posted by Seer 2 years, 6 months ago
      The best that can be said, is that some calling themselves Liberals are do-gooders. I don't like do-gooders. For one, they believe they know more about running or living my life than I do. And you can never convince them that they don't.

      Liberalism has undergone deep changes since its inception.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 2 years, 6 months ago
    One thing Dennis forgets to mention is the label "anti-science" applied to rational thinkers, for not worshiping at the church of anthropogenic climate change. This is another principle turned on its head, condemning what would normally be viewed as simple, acceptable skepticism within the scientific community as heresy, more like religious infallibility.

    What to me indicates a civil war is the behavior of the media. The "Fourth Estate" has characteristically acted as a propaganda arm of the government against our national enemies. Now, however, it appears, as Pogo used to say, "We has met the enemy, and he is us." The media is waging a propaganda war on the American people, or at least against more than half of our nation's people. We are at fault for foolishly rejecting progressive politics at all levels, and deserve condemnation for being either terribly stupid, or horribly evil.

    Outside forces are at work in this destructive effort. The Chinese contributed heavily through proxies toward Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. The Saudi royals bragged privately that they were behind at least 20% of her campaign contributions. George Soros has done everything he can to undermine the nation, and the trail leading from his coffers to the violent thugs at "demonstrations" is laughably easy to follow. All of these players have an interest in either the outright destruction of America as a world power, or in bending the direction of its government toward totalitarianism.

    The left has apparently coopted the Democratic party as the agent of its political aims. The behavior of that party now makes it clear that the left is gambling on making its aims clear to see how indoctrinated the American people are. Having been thwarted in a continuing cannibalization of American society, it must make the attempt to destroy everything before they lose the gains they had made.

    I have hope, and it comes from a strange event. Lady Gaga, who has never been remotely conservative in her views, rejected the opportunity to join the left in a steady drumbeat of political destruction, and called for national unity in her Superbowl performance. When even the incredibly gullible celebrity artisans are not unified on the side of insanity, there's hope. Generation "Z", coming behind the Milennials, appears to be far more conservative, promising for a revival of sound American values.

    Will the radicalized Milennials help promote violence that leads to a real civil war, or will they become merely a "lost" generation? We will see, very soon.
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  • Posted by rjkford 2 years, 6 months ago
    I have been predicting that a Civil War has been brewing for quite awhile. The Left, which tries to tell the world they're pacifist, are the violent ones. Rioting, bullying any one that disagrees with them and "protesting" anything and everything. All the while calling the Right the violent ones. They are also cowards. They'll pick on conservatives only if they have superior numbers. They destroy other peoples property that aren't even involved in the argument. They are bought and paid for by people that hate what America stands for, or at least what we DID stand for. Funny thing is the elitist that finance the Left made their monies in the capitalistic system that they detest. The one drawback in this battle is that conservatives don't react as quickly or as violently as the Left does. Perfect example is how we reacted to Hitler and Japan in WW11. It took a while and a major attack to fire us up. One of these days the Left will make a fatal error and do something that will fire us up again. Who is for the 2nd amendment again? Mmmm, just saying....
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  • Posted by Storo 2 years, 6 months ago
    Prager has written a great piece that puts our situation in the clearest terms that I have heard. We are, in fact, fighting a civil war against the forces that would destroy the American system and way of life. Unfortunately there are many "useful idiots" among those we see in the streets. As I watch developments I see escalation of anger and vitriol everywhere, and on both sides, but more on the left. Soros and his ilk are doing all they can to promote unrest and violence. Leftists and our complicit politicians are promoting the unrest supported by the main stream media. Progressivism has been working to destroy America for 100 years. Taking America back will take time to root out the tendrils of the Left that permeate our society.
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  • Posted by mia767ca 2 years, 6 months ago
    it is time to complete the basic framework of the Founding Fathers...either peacefully or otherwise as the situation dictates...i doubt that we are coming back from the financial hole the politicians have put us in...after the collapse, we have to restructure it right...we are living out the last stages of Atlas Shrugged...
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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 2 years, 6 months ago
    If the Evil Hag had won the election, it would have been the end of the republic for which we stand save for being carried on in name only.
    But were we like the Confederates winning a Bull's Run or the Union winning a Gettysburg?
    Only time will tell.
    Me dino hoping bull in a china shop Trump can pull off a Sherman's March that will bring on an Appomattox.
    Still, Fauxhontas Woo-woo-woo-Warren may be our next commander of grief.
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  • Posted by Seer 2 years, 6 months ago
    Dennis Prager is wrong in at least one respect: Liberalism is not the same as it once was. It has become a dangerous idiotology, just as Leftism now is.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 2 years, 6 months ago
    A few weeks ago I went to Little Rock Central High School where the Little Rock Integration Crisis took place. I could see how opponents and supporters of integration had strong reasons for their positions. It seemed like state police and US troops could have started fighting. It just takes one kid getting scared when a gun discharges. But it didn't happen.

    The differences you talk about seem less significant than those in the 50s. Compared to the differences of integration, these issues are just ploys by commentators to get attention. I don't see a civil war of any sort breaking out.
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    • Posted by Seer 2 years, 6 months ago
      I've heard the contemporary position referred to as "micro-racism". Another disgusting position of the Leftist/Liberals.
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      • Posted by CircuitGuy 2 years, 6 months ago
        Whatever it's called, my point is we've gone from mega-racism to micro-racism, which makes me question dire predictions.
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        • Posted by Seer 2 years, 6 months ago
          As in "back to mega-racism" maybe?
          Retrogression is a possibility. Always. Sometimes known as push back, or blow back.
          Have you ever encountered an instance of "micro-racism"?
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          • Posted by CircuitGuy 2 years, 6 months ago
            I do not understand what you're saying about retrogression back to mega racism. It's probably just going right past me, and I'll get it when you explain.

            "Have you ever encountered an instance of "micro-racism"?"
            Yes, but by definition it's micro, not a big deal. The key IMHO is to reduce my own micro-racist and micro-sexist behaviors (or whatever we call them) and not let it throw me off if someone does it to me. What we actually do is so much more important than bigotry. It's counterproductive to ruminate about others' irrational behaviors.
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            • Posted by NealS 2 years, 6 months ago
              I'm getting a little confused by all the adjusted labeling for everything, and once in while it completely puzzles me. "Micro What?", Micro, oh, you said micro-sexist, I first read it as micro-sex. My mind immediately wondered, how is anyone going to get, oh never mind, my mind went astray. I hope that is still legal, to let one's mind wander.
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