A Review of Trails of Injustice by Robert Gore

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5 Stars

Trails of Injustice is Dale and Kaila’s second installment in their Hank Ragnar series and is just as riveting as their first, Pendulum of Justice.
It takes its plot from the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

That scandal left many of us longing for justice, to hold those responsible accountable. Hank Ragnar—smart, resourceful, good-looking, tough, principled, and justifiably anti-government—is the perfect fictional angel of vengeance. Through a beautiful Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agent named Laura, he stumbles upon a nefarious plot whose ultimate aim is to outlaw the private ownership of firearms. She needs help with her computer and he’s an expert, but the relationship soon jumps beyond software and the Internet.

Their habanero-hot affair is just one of many spicy ingredients in this story. There are the settings—harsh Mexican and Southwest American deserts, Washington in all its inglorious corruption. Violence ripped straight from current news stories, the never-ending litany of Mexican drug cartel atrocities, underscores the brutality not just of the cartels, but of our own government. The villain, the acting head of the ATF, is an unscrupulously ambitious lesbian plagued by insecurities about her lover. The other recipient of Hank’s Bond-like ability to captivate and bed beautiful but admirable women, Abigail, is the daughter of a friend who’s being framed by the ATF. She’s black, adding some interracial sizzle.

Hank, Laura, and Abigail match their wits, courage, and outrage against the government’s resources and ruthlessness. Readers anxious to find out the next turn or twist will zip threw the pages of this well-written thriller as Hank and team encounter both triumphs and daunting setbacks. Only upon reflection will readers recognize and ponder the important philosophical themes skillfully woven into the fast-paced plot.

The book is highly recommended for those hungering for a great story and skeptical about our government and its works. Those who still buy the party line may have trouble with this novel; it has some words with more than two syllables.

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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year, 4 months ago
    Oh, no! The villain is a lesbian? Oh, how un-PC!
    To make the story more PC acceptable, Hank should be a cross-dresser prone to waving a lace hankie about while talking with a girlie man voice.
    Laura should be awaiting an operation to gain a male body part so she can finally pawn her dildos.
    For an improved villain, Madame X should be straight and having insecurities over a misogynist boyfriend, who is having a secret affair with a stripper who lets him tie her up.
    The framed minority token Abigail should upgrade herself by joining BLM and go around chanting, "What do we want? ATF! RIP!"
    The more alphabet soup acronyms bandied about, the better. Always better IMO!
    This is your elite better, Monseigneur Dino Allosaurus Esquire faux so le, signing off with today's Applied Proper PC critique.
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    • Posted by khalling 1 year, 4 months ago
      I am not sure about the point you are making outside of PC. that the "bad guy" in the novel is a lesbian is somewhat irrelevant to her character-outside the fact that she has been influenced by fringe groups in her upbringing and causes she supports. She is a very strong character and driven both by power and politics. She is highly competent in her career. those are the best villains, no? :)
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      • Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year, 4 months ago
        I'm just having some fun trying to think like a PC person.
        This is not the time to take me dino seriously at all.
        Oh, yeah, the best villains know what the heck they're doing. I agree.
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  • Posted by khalling 1 year, 4 months ago
    OMgoodness. you will all need to compel Db. he is weighing the time/talent quotient. maybe I need to collaborate with tech. He has some great ideas about the next one...
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