Voter Turnout

Posted by rbroberg 5 years, 1 month ago to Politics
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Democratic voter turnout is worse than Republican voter turnout. That is the reason Clinton lost. SO I HEAR ALL THE TIME. But is this true?

Voter turnout is lower for Democrats than Republicans, but does that mean if more Democrats voted, Clinton would win? Not even close.

First, if more Democrats voted, this does not mean those votes would go to Clinton. She has to earn the votes of the Democrats... whatever that means. And it turns out fewer Democrats voted for Clinton than Republicans did for Trump. Second, if more Democrats voted and voted for Clinton, this still does not mean those votes would make a difference. For example, if the five percent difference in votes between Democrats and Republicans resided in blue states, then how does one imagine a different outcome? The blue states would still be blue! There would, of course, be slightly more bragging rights for the Democrats until, of course, they realized they still lost.

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