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Group dynamics or team building are not just corporate buzzwords. Both of these related concepts are not simply the result of diversity training and affirmative action programs. These are actual concepts related to success for some of the largest companies existing today. The question of group dynamics is so important that interviews are conducted in group and individual settings to help the interview team select the best candidate based not only on his reasoning skills, but also his influence to affect decisions within a group -- his leadership.

If I can speak to one quality of a great leader, it is that he recognizes the diversity of voices within the group he wishes to influence. He understands that like individuals seek similar goals, but that the achievement of those goals looks different for each person. He understands that conflict is a normal part of a process involving a diversity of voices, but maintains his goal of unity within the group once a decision has been made.

With group-isms more prevalent and ubiquitous now than ever, a group seeking new members tends toward unnecessary and counterproductive divergence or convergence, as the case may be. An example of the former is the Libertarian party, which welcomes an array that stretches from almost Syndicalist to nearly alt-right. An example of the latter is any old-fashioned cult.

To truly capture value from a group, that group must celebrate diversity of voices and agree on unity of purpose. One without the other inhibits or even prevents a meaningful dialogue; meaningful dialogue is the path toward an agreeable solution. All of this, of course, counts on the virtue of honesty; that a person not misrepresent his motives or aims. There is no contract without two men keeping their word to do as each has promised.

Therefore, a group that uses dishonesty to achieve its ends will inevitably fail to prevent that dishonesty from affecting in some way its own contract. In this sense, there is a continuum between people of honesty across the globe. There is also a discreet and confused similarity among those who defraud others to their gain. (Think of the movie Black Sea.)

Thus, in a given group, the wise leader seeks to celebrate the differences within that group and seek unity of action for that group. A man who celebrates unity within a group and seeks differences from that group outside of it, is not a leader, but a weak and foolish child.

Comments on this? Examples? Counterexamples welcome.

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 5 years, 1 month ago
    Hi rbroberg,
    It is an interesting discussion and you have many valid traits listed for a successful leader. The ability to motivate a group to work together for a common goal certainly requires a value obtained by each participant relative to their contribution. The leaders ability to convey that value to each member would be facilitated by a flexibility in communication and an understanding of the individual. I would be remiss if I did not include the leaders success hinges on putting people in positions or tasks that they can succeed at.
    As far as examples from me . I am independently employed . I work alone in an office at home. I am a full time FA and also my own branch office. I am also a part time artist. I am commissioned to paint images on canvass. Very solitary work
    My current association with any group is this forum, or I guess my wife and three grandchildren.
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