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    A seasoned retired journalist from Tennessee calls the dog. Results of the recount so embarrassing to Democrats media won't cover the results that they were yapping for a week ago.

    "Since Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have certified Trump's winning their electoral votes, and Michigan's ran just long enough to uncover the well-known voter fraud by Dems in Detroit, I was naive enough, to think thit was a news story of some significance. I was however to learn -- from NBC News --that it wasn't important enough even to mention .
    What is important enough to lead with is deep concern over SecState nominee, Rex Tillerson's "ties" to Putin. OH SHIT!
    In some 40 years with ExxonMobil, he has done business with 50 nations around the world. Not courtesy visits, but business negotiations in the real world. Among his contacts is Vladimir Putin, with whom he has dealt for15 years. And some are deeply concerned about it, since everybody knows that Putin stole the election from Hillary.
    NBC also had full coverage of Obama's final bill-signing ceremony.
    "NBC Nightly News" has become a freaking joke." ~ Ben Hall
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