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FORGET about the concept of Democrats & Republicans! THERE IS NO SUCH THING ANYMORE! You CAN'T "generalize" Objectivism into a Left or a Right paradigm! For example, Trump is ANTI-ENVIRONMENT due to his PRO-CORPORATOCRACY which can ONLY lead to an ANTI-HUMAN result! ! !

Corporations are NOT "people"! Stop treating corporations as if they have the same rights as actual people!

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    I.Q. BUILDERS: 2-Party System GONE!

    The CORRUPT 2-party system is DONE!
    The "Republican" (previously Democrat) who just won the election HATES most of the Republicans in Congress and disagrees with them on half the issues. The Democratic Establishment has just PROVEN themselves COMPLETELY out-of-touch, incompetent, and ass-holes. They thought they could coronate (enable) a corrupt war-hawk billionaire darling of Wall-Street, they CRUSHED the popular candidate Bernie Sanders with voter suppression and election FRAUD! They stand for nothing except their own greed. The 2-party system is done and people realize it! At least HALF of the population identifies as INDEPENDENTS! The 2-party duopoly means NOTHING anymore and people ware waking up to this reality!

    The WikiLeaks revelations have shown us how our politics truly work. Campaign finance laws are broken regularly on BOTH sides! The big banks picked Obama's entire cabinet from the beginning. There's pay-to-play both with corporate elites and with foreign governments.

    It's an exciting time to be alive because more people than ever knows the mainstream media (MSM) is a SHAM! Only 6% of people say that they have confidence in the media which means that 94% of the American people get that the MSM is a FRAUD! More people than ever know that the voting machines are CRAP! Election fraud is at the front of people's minds for the first time ever. FUCK YOU! Your empire is through! People are standing up!

    Climate Change is not accepted and understood by everyone. Maybe, in order to get active, we need to have Trump as our President. In terms of Climate Change we're in a fork in the road that could mean the end of things as we know it. Or, we could go the OTHER way and usher in a time of sustainability and peace powered by amazing technology like hydroponic farming.

    The Bernie Sanders Movement showed us all how tenuous the grip of the power elite is. You know that poster of the cat barely holding onto the tree branch and it says, 'hang in there'? That cat is the corrupt Power Elite's hold on our society. That's what it looks like. The hold of Wall-Street, Monsanto, Big Oil, and Big Pharma. They are on the edge, and all we gotta do is get a fire hose and spray them off!

    You can't blame yourself for the Democratic Establishment and main-stream media polluting the force through the nomination of the scandal-ridden lizard queen because they shamelessly put their greed and their lust for power before the country's well-being! That's the reality! And, Hillary Clinton losing this election shows that a Wall-Street-backed politician who has helped strip away the livelihood and dignity of tens of millions of hard-working Americans is not the answer!

    DISCLAIMER: Off-topic jokes were removed to focus upon the actual facts of actual reality.

    https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroponics Farming Techniques

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