ASP3 Post-It Challenge: Bigger and Better

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Find out how to enter the ASP3 Post-It Challenge:

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Two weeks ago, we announced the ASP3 Post-It Challenge with a goal of plastering the country with 1,000,000 Who is John Galt? Post-its® by September 2nd. Since the announcement, we’ve shipped out over 250,000… and they’re starting to show up in the wild. :)

Now, it’s time to up the ante.

Each week, as we get closer to that goal of 1,000,000 Post-its®, we’ll be adding something to the prize pool.

Are you in? It’s time to make your move. Post it, picture it, share it, and you just might win….

6/12 - Two tickets to the ASP3 premiere
6/26 - Atlas Shrugged now non-fiction t-shirt and hat (
7/1 - Two Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? beach towels (
7/8 - $50.00 Atlas Shrugged movie store gift card
7/17 - Official Atlas Shrugged Francisco d'Anconia money clip (
7/24 - A storyboard from Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?
7/31 - $100 Atlas Shrugged movie store gift card
8/7 - Rearden Metal bracelet (
8/14 - One of each t-shirt - Now Non-Fiction, 20th Century Motors, Danneskjold Repossessions, d'Anconia Copper, Rearden Steel, and Who is John Galt? (
8/21 - ASP2 limited edition film reel (
8/28 - Two tickets to the ASP3 premiere (announced on 6/12) are being upgraded to an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip for two to the premiere

Find out how to get your Post-its® and enter the ASP3 Post-It Challenge now:

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All winners (each prize will go to a different person) will be announced on September 2nd.

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