Safe Sex

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It was always the woman who had to be careful when having sex. That has changed in a major way. When a man has sex with a woman he just met, or barely knows, runs a great risk The risk is that of being accused of being a rapist. In order to make men feel safe, besides the responsibility of using a condom, he needs to be reassured that his partner is in no way going to accuse him at a future date. To that problem, I have composed a form that the woman should sign before the condom goes on. Here it is, for your gratification. Every man should carry a copy just as every woman desiring sex should carry a condom. The names are ficticious:
I, Mary Smith am a competent person, over twenty-one years old. I am not under duress, have received no threat of violence or loss of income. If John Jones and I are employed by the same company, to wit J.C. Dithers Monopoly Company neither of us serves in a supervisory capacity over the other, or expects to do so in the future - or even to be working in the same city. I have not consumed any alcoholic beverages or mind altering substances. Having given it due consideration, I have decided to accede to John Jones' stated wish - which I liked better implied than stated that I have sexual intercourse with him. I give him permission to get on with it, and let me be a little more passive, which is the way I feel most comfortable at this time. In so doing, I do not give up any vested rights, including the right to revoke permission at my sole discretion and without notice.
Signed__ Date__

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