Archie Bunker enhancement vs. Mao Tse-Dong wannabe

Posted by bubah1mau 5 years, 1 month ago to Politics
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In a U.S. presidential election, who would vote for someone who opted for an email account with the self-titled account name, ""? Obviously a swastika armband fascination or fetish doesn't make one a Nazi, but it at least distinctly indicates a fascination with the trappings of Nazism. Among the email account addresses maintained by Ms. Clinton, on her private server, was the account titled, "" (See URL.)

Although there could be a sloppy spelling issue in the self-selected account title "mau_suit," the likelihood of Ms. Clinton harboring a fascination, if not a fetish, with the absolutist, autocratic style of Communist Mao Tse-Dong can't be dismissed--although it has clearly been overlooked or dismissed by all major media sources.

So, who will Americans determine is the more insidious threat to their Constitution and way of life: an intellectually clumsy Archie Bunker with enhanced promotional/organizational skills, or someone who craves the universal adulation and absolute power inherent in a "Mau" suit?

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  • Posted by 5 years, 1 month ago
    In this commentary, the phrase "intellectually clumsy" should be replaced with "rhetorically clumsy." There is a difference between intellect and rhetoric. Trump suffers more from rhetorical than intellectual deficiencies. Yet it remains to be demonstrated at the November polls whether Americans will generally prefer a rhetorically challenged nationalist, likely to be more loyal to the U.S. Constitution, over a stealth Marxist opponent seen to be nurturing a fascination with absolute dictatorship à la Chairman Mao.
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