Help Wanted: Organic Chemistry Tutor (maybe)

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 7 years, 2 months ago to Classifieds
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My daughter is studying forensics at ASU. So far, for the money, she has had some truly lackluster and unimpressive instructors. She is currently taking Organic Chemistry (233) and having some difficulty. She could use a tutor, someone who can go over material with her that she can ask questions and reliably receive clarifying answers to help her better understand the material. I am not asking for anything for free (she's paying..I may help). If anyone here is versed enough in chemistry to act in this capacity please let me know. The tutoring will likely be once a week on-line or cellphone for the remainder of this semester.
Naturally I will need to know to what extent you are qualified to assist.

We have reliable voice over IP and desktop sharing/viewing software capability.

Thanks in advance

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