If Obama wanted to become the Führer…

Posted by strugatsky 8 years, 11 months ago to Politics
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Obama is a student of Alinsky, who has taught his followers two very important lessons. One, they need to work from within the system to legally gain power. This, as many other Alinsky’s teachings, is not his original concept. The Führer learned that while in jail and wrote about it in Mein Kampf. Obama followed the teachings well. Two, once the power is attained - hold on to it. Again, not original, but borrowed from all socialist leaders the world-over. Nevertheless, Alinsky translated foreign views into an easy to understand concept for American progressives. Why am I bringing up Alinsky? Because Obama is a faithful student of his mentor and it is inconceivable that Alinsky’s ideas, and those of Obama himself, would not culminate in a desire, if not an attempt, to hold on to power. In the history of socialism, there has never been an example of a Leader voluntarily walking away from power.
So, what options does Obama have to carry out these goals? To wait for Congress to remove term limits on the presidency? To be asked to serve forever like George Washington? OK, realistically – an external or an internal war are the only options. An external war is not a good choice for two reasons – presidents have been changed during wars in the past (or at least they had to run for re-election) and, even worse, should he unleash one, his core supporters are likely to desert him. An internal war is the only logical choice with a realistic possibility of success. But how to start it and carry it out without running askance of the law (Alinsky’s rule #1)? Such a war, disturbance, riots, civil war, regardless of the name, must lead to Obama representing the rule of the law by instituting martial law and suspending what little of the Constitution remains. Various provisions of the Patriot Act and latter Executive Orders are enablers to this, but he cannot be perceived as the initiator. There lies a dilemma – the most logical and most desirable option is for a bunch of “right wing domestic terrorists” to take up arms. Given the declining economy, forced redistribution of wealth (government stealing), mind-boggling government waste, insulting foreign and domestic policies – anywhere else in the world, and especially in Obama’s cultural background Arab nations, the citizens would have started riots or attempted coup d’état. But Americans turned out to be very docile. No reaction; sure, some complain, write anonymous (they believe) posts, but do nothing. What can an Alinskyite do? Remember – within the framework of the law. So far, all his actions fall squarely into the logical goal of doing as much damage to the country as possible. He has, in fact achieved a lot – irreparable damage to the economy, education, foreign policy; the list is long. But there is a discernible trend – he is getting more and more on the edge of the law and sometimes over the edge. First, he threatened to be outside the law with his pen and a phone, then he did it. A little bit, more later on. Perhaps he feels emboldened, perhaps desperate. But still no reaction from the public. Of course, he is not waiting in idleness – he is disarming sections of the country, making millions of citizens technically criminals, demoralizing the Armed Forces while emboldening his domestic Cerberuses with three letter names (one for each head?). If Obama is in fact on this path, he has only one logical option – to increase the pressure. So, after insulting and literally killing unneeded veterans in the VA “hospitals,” he negotiates with terrorists and trades a deserter for high level terrorist commanders. Outrageous, but not enough; still no reaction. Of course, he still has a couple of years to achieve the goal. Thus, expect more and more outrageous acts designed to a) damage the country and b) get a violent reaction.

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  • Posted by Hiraghm 8 years, 11 months ago
    "But how to start it and carry it out without running askance of the law (Alinsky’s rule #1)?"

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    • Posted by 8 years, 11 months ago
      Do you recall "Three Days of the Condor"? Hollywood aside, it seems to me that Obama is getting more and more desperate in his antics in order to provoke a response. Now he is flooding the country with illegals in open defiance of all laws. The next antic will be even more outrageous - he'll keep raising the pressure until more people crack, like the ones in Las Vegas.
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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 8 years, 11 months ago
    Glenn Beck had a book a few years called "The Overton Window". As in that book, the leftists keep shifting what is considered normal and abnormal a little at a time to the point where what was considered outlandish a few decades, or now even a few years, ago is now considered possible.

    Someone asked a few days ago about what Obama was really good at. Besides being a bully, Obama is very good at a Moe Howard-like eye poke.
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