Trump is more of an Objectivist then any Libertarian – BOOM

Posted by Mitch 3 years ago to Politics
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I can make this argument short and sweet… None of you on the board have any evidence to prove that Trump wants to destroy this country, dismantle the constitution, prohibit free enterprise the list goes on… I’ll agree that he isn’t a politician… +1 point for Trump. He is causing a media sensation because he gets free publicity. +2 points for Trump for being very smart. His message, Boarder Control is spot on and not a Libertarian position. It’s a rational decision of self-interest. +4 points for Trump.

I agree with the vast majority of the Libertarian Ideology but it’s not Objectivism. Ayn Rand spoke on this topic many times, for an example:

Above all, do not join the wrong ideological groups or movements, in order to “do something.” By “ideological” (in this context), I mean groups or movements proclaiming some vaguely generalized, undefined (and, usually, contradictory) political goals. (E.g., the Conservative Party, which subordinates reason to faith, and substitutes theocracy for capitalism; or the “libertarian” hippies, who subordinate reason to whims, and substitute anarchism for capitalism.) To join such groups means to reverse the philosophical hierarchy and to sell out fundamental principles for the sake of some superficial political action which is bound to fail. It means that you help the defeat of your ideas and the victory of your enemies. (For a discussion of the reasons, see “The Anatomy of Compromise” in my book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.)

Ayn Rand stated her thoughts on Libertarian loud and clear many times. Gary Johnson is not an Objectivist, +2 points from Trump.

Trump is self-serving, isn’t rational self-interest a major tenant in Objectivism? So far, he has done fairly well for himself. Another 10+ for Trump.

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  • Posted by  $  AJAshinoff 3 years ago
    "None of you on the board have any evidence to prove that Trump wants to destroy this country, dismantle the constitution, prohibit free enterprise the list goes on"

    Supports progressive taxation - not Objectivist, Not Constitutional
    Revoke O-care and replace with Universal Health Care - not Objectivist, Not Constitutional
    Lies and Fabricates things to slur his opponents - not Objectivist, very Alinsky
    Supported Gun bans (until he needed to wave the flag for office) - not Objectivist

    I'm sure I can find more than I can pull off the top opf my head.

    Trump is a NY moderate (read liberal) opportunist. Liberals are not FOR this country and can't be seen (because of their ideology) as objectivist or republican or Conservative. Liberals can be seen as socialists, communists, and totalitarians.

    Just wait and see which RINO he chooses for his VP. An, if elected, the Moderate to Left SCOTUS recommendations.

    Enjoy your vote.
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    • Posted by  $  AJAshinoff 3 years ago
      Also, I just came across this
      Good news: Trump’s new finance chair has given more than twice as much to Democrats, worked for George Soros


      Tell me again what Trump is?
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      • Posted by 3 years ago
        I personally don’t know at the moment, just know that he is a better choice than the alternative and that web site has no credibility with me what so every. Hell, I can find a web site that says the Michael Jackson was an alien, LOL.

        I’m nervous as hell that Trump is a plant but our options are limited. If we rip him to shreds, our only hope, then that is exactly what the opposition wants. The point of the post is this exactly. We better grow up and hold our nose to vote for the lesser of two evils. I fully understand that he isn’t an Objectivist nor a Conservative, he is a Trumpest.
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        • Posted by  $  MichaelAarethun 3 years ago
          Trump is a plant. NY Liberal and former Democrat turned Republican but to the left of the RINOs and Neo-Cons who make up the majority of the current Republican group? How could he be anything else. For the left - the government party coalition - he can be dumped or used as they see fit. They will lose nothing, still control everything and is more a pragrmatic actor than practical nor is he an objectivist. He is at present the lesser of two evils in a nation of no recognizable moral values that is full of supporters of evil by their own definition and open admission. He is an alternative to Clinton only in the sense of shifting from someone highlyh unpopular to some of less popularity but more acceptability and a way to rid themselves of Hillary who is eminently indictable .

          For us meaning non leftists neither Trump nor Hillary is the best choice no mattere what the plants and shills say.
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    • Posted by  $  CBJ 3 years ago
      RE: “Revoke O-care and replace with Universal Health Care - not Objectivist, Not Constitutional”

      Not according to Trump’s website. Excerpts:
      “Completely repeal Obamacare.”
      “Modify existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across state lines.”
      “Allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns under the current tax system.”
      “Allow individuals to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).”
      “Require price transparency from all healthcare providers, especially doctors and healthcare organizations like clinics and hospitals. Individuals should be able to shop to find the best prices for procedures, exams or any other medical-related procedure.”
      “Remove barriers to entry into free markets for drug providers that offer safe, reliable and cheaper products.”
      “The reforms outlined above will lower healthcare costs for all Americans. They are simply a place to start.”
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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      What presidential nominee has ever been against a progressive tax other than Senator Cruz? No one… Again fully aware but I will not cut off my nose to spite my face on this one.

      Healthcare - Agreed that wouldn’t be acceptable, can you provide a link to this statement as I have not heard it. Still, at this point, will not change my vote because the Hilary wants this and more.

      Lies – agreed… Not very presidential is he? But what choice do you have? By the way, no Objectivist has every ran for office? I personal don’t lie, I have but not for personal benefit. Most people lie, especially people running for office.

      Sure, I’ve heard those but again, what are you options? The candidate that says that they want you to keep your guns or the candidate that says that she intact more gun control? Remember that Ronald Reagan was also a Democrat before he was a Conservative.

      Wake up… This idea that we vote for the person we want is rubbish, we are simply little Dutch boy with our finger in the dike. I give Trump the slime possibility of becoming good president while giving Hillary the no chance at all. Cast your vote…
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      • Posted by  $  AJAshinoff 3 years ago
        Bad comparison. Reagan was a democrat when a democrat was still and America oriented party; it certainly isn't today. He left the party, and ridiculed it, because he saw their direction.

        Healthcare: http://truthinmedia.com/trump-obamaca...

        I'm awake. I'm fedup. And I'd rather his country finally go down the toilet then be forced into voting for a democrat or a democrat wolf in sheep clothing.

        I hope I'm reading him wrong but Trump is a D plant into an election they should have lost.
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 3 years ago
    Trump was being interviewed by Brett Baier and said he could negotiate a discount or haircut to the bond holders of Puerto Rican debt and solve their credit crisis . Because he is an expert on these things. Just screw the agreement to repay a debt. He basically will negotiate every problem out of existence he claimed. He was asked about his claim of knowing more than the generals about Isis and was asked who the leaders were and didn't know al Baghdadi and couldn't name anyone else . I don't expect him to know everything but I do disrespect misrepresentation through deceit. Clinton is a conniving liar and Trump is a similar. Egotistical privileged collectivists will not lead us to a better future.
    Shame on the one party system that we have devolved to.
    The lying party consisting of dems and rino's.
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  • Posted by  $  edweaver 3 years ago
    Trump is definitely self serving and while rational self interest is a major tenant of Objectivism so is ethics and that is where Trump gets an F. And if there was something lower than an F he would earn that too. He is straight out of Saul Alinski, by whatever means necessary. There are no limits. Of course I have not met him so this is my opinion.
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    • Posted by 3 years ago
      Agreed mostly, the point here is that you haven’t met him or had personal experience. The reason why I don’t write him off so soon is that successful people are always judged by the moochers in society. One simple question to you, do you know of anther president after Ronald Reagan that was able to project a moral resolve? You know that Ronald Reagan was judged in the same way as Trump? If you remember, it was brutal…
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      • Posted by  $  edweaver 3 years ago
        I agree, Regan was brutalised but he did have ethics. Trump has shown that he is on the same level as Hillary in that regard. Personally, I think him & Hillary would be equally bad for American. The only way I will know if I am correct is if he gets elected so we will see if that happens.
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        • Posted by 3 years ago
          So why do you think Trump is amoral? Remember that we are not talking an Objectivist here, he isn’t going to follow our same thoughts on these subjects. We keep comparing these people to our own perfect choice candidate and saying that they don’t fit because of reason a, b and/or c. I think this notation of a perfect candidate is exactly what the other side wants because it causes strife and division. With strife and division, people stay home and don’t vote because he is a, b and/or c. How childish, this makes you the tool of the socialist (useful idiots), it’s happening right now, right here. I’m better off getting 50% of what I want then losing everything.

          Nearly 50% of the democratic side thinks socialism is good shit, I’m flabbergasted by the results that Bernie has received. We lost the battle for the narrative because they own the news media (mostly) and schools. This is a concerted effort on their part.

          Don’t be a tool, hold your f’ing nose and vote. We can crawl out of Trump…

          Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will destroy anything left of this country.
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          • Posted by  $  edweaver 3 years ago
            You are entitled to your position and so am I. I have a line in the sand based on my principals that Trump will have an opportunity to cross. If he doesn't he will not earn my vote. For basically my entire life, I've crossed my own line, held my nose and voted for the lesser of 2 evils and have watched our country slip to near the point of no return. I will repeat what I have stated numerous times. If this country is to fail, I have no desire to pass on the failure and the price to be paid to our children and grandchildren. From my point of view, the outcome of Trump, Clinton or Sanders is the same. Than is unless Trump has something more than rhetoric in his bag.
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