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Posted by Ob1 11 years, 6 months ago to The Gulch: Archive
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it appears that some of the locations given on this site may not be correct. It shows Krikorian theater in Monrovia as a location; but their website & Fandango fail to mention Atlas Shrugged. Is Mouch in charge here?

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    Hi Wesley, ( I know it wasn't you- it was Dagney's idiot brother Jim-) before commenting I did find it in Monterey Park, Burbank, etc via Fandango etc. It's just that I'd expect this site to have it a little more together for accuracy. What if some newbie who had no clue about the book was looking here for show info duh? Still getting over the cast change, am definitely going to see it soon. Hopefully it will stand on it's own merits.
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