Hi. My name is Ward Griffiths

Posted by wdg3rd 7 years, 2 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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Read Anthem age 12. Fountainhead age 13. Atlas Shrugged age 14.

Liked them. Read most of Rand's other work as teens progressed in the early 70s.

Saw AS pt 1 opening night. Second show, Saw AS pt 2 second week, work schedule and same theater only showed it in the mornings when people with jobs couldn't get there. Bought both DVDs, some tshirts and small merch from the AS film main site, bough the Blu-ray a couple months at B&N (got to install that Blu-ray player in this computer sometime).

Current objective -- get the hell out of New Jersey and up to New Hampshire next year. www.freestateproject.org

Oh yeah, I'm more of an anarchist individualist than an objectivist minarchist.

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