Are any Gulchers spreading the word in other forums?

Posted by ShrugInArgentina 4 years, 11 months ago to Politics
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It was recently noted that the true believers of Rand's philosophy are simply "preaching to the choir" here. I wonder if Gulchers are also expressing their values in other websites.

Just because I'm living in Argentina doesn't mean I don't pay attention or care about what's happening in the USA. I'm especially grateful to all of the posters here for adding links to other sites (on a daily basis) with details on the slow motion train wreck now occurring in the USA.

I also listen to Mark Levin on a daily basis or catch any programs I've missed on his website's "auto rewind" featue.

The site on which I have been most active during the past seven years is Most of my 5000+ posts deal with issues regarding living in Argentina, but I have, on occasion, dealt with political issues in the USA.

The link I provided here deals with the subject of Obamacare. The discussion was lively to say the least. If anyone from the Gulch reads it they should know that Cabrerra and Dudester are no longer posting in the forum. Cabrerra identified herself as an Argentine communist and Dudester was an Obama sycophant who also thought Obama's Cairo speech in 2009 was a ten on a scale of ten. He never lived in Buenos Aires. Before he disappeared from the forum he expressed his disillusion with Obama (who he once regarded as the Savior of the USA).

The last post was in June, 2010. Perhaps it's time to revive it (again).

And I started this thread on April 1, 2009:

Note SaraSara, bigbadwolf, Orwellian, and RWS (among others) no longer post in the baexpat forum.

Unfortunately, new posts to threads in the world politics forum do no automatically appear in the list of new posts on the home page.

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  • Posted by Lucky 4 years, 11 months ago
    On a computerPC site I frequent there was a side discussion with the theme of not buying imported items when there was unemployment at home.
    There was sympathy to this theme, the argument being that people had lost their jobs and were hungry as the selfish were paying less for Asian made items. I pointed out that maybe the Asian worker was hungrier. I suspect that there could be an element that Asian people do not matter. Seems to me that it is fair (as well as selfish) to give your business, regardless of race or nationality, to whoever wants it the most by offering the best product and price.
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  • Posted by  $  ObjectiveAnalyst 4 years, 11 months ago
    I share my thoughts with anyone receptive. I do not post on other websites. I loan one of my copies of AS out occasionally, but demand return. Likewise I share my DVDs. I have also encouraged several to see the movies and others to attend with me. Often at social gatherings I will find some speaking about politics and I tell them AR. was more of a "prophet" than Nostradamus and they should investigate. Sometimes if you can peak their curiosity without it looking like you are preaching they will investigate on their own. When someone is complaining about the state of affairs, I just tell them AR knew it would happen... I support candidates for office that share the same values...
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  • Posted by ShruginArgentina 4 years, 11 months ago
    I'm still interested in seeing exactly how Gulchers are "spreading the word" and what kind of feedback they're getting. That's why I provided a couple links to threads I started in the forum that show the kind of mentality I've encountered when raising pertinent issues in other website forums.

    I think other Gulchers would, too.
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