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  • Posted by $ MichaelAarethun 6 years, 1 month ago
    It's a religion isn't it? Who knows? It's their business. But if one side represents good and the other evil then the first objective look would tend to find members on the side of evil so they are probably Democrats.

    Evil is evil. good is good and Big Mac's aint Hardee Burgers but they both will clog up your veins.
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    • Posted by $ Dobrien 6 years, 1 month ago
      Right or left, positive or negative, good or evil leadership or dictatorship, self or selfless, ease or disease, Liberty or slavery, justice or partiality, life or death.
      They are all choices. I choose right, positive, good, leadership, self, ease, Liberty, justice, and life.
      Satan represents left negative evil dictatorship selfless slavery partiality and death.
      Watch how many world leaders use the cornuto or hook hand symbol.
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  • Posted by 6 years, 1 month ago
    Yes, I have a Satanic Bible among my collections of religious texts, and after a little reading, I realized that Lavey's teachings reflected some of the same views I see frequently in our discussions. His discussions on the hypocrisy of organized religion, the virtue of self interest, the sin of altruism, and the "psychic vampires" that prey on productive members of society sounded very much like Objectivism. I just thought it would be interesting what others in the Gulch thought.
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    • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 6 years, 1 month ago
      If you think the catholics have weird traditions and rituals...and yes, it's organized also. No different than "skull and bones", freemasonry, (un)- -illuminatist, theosophy, vodo or even islam and many others.
      Now, as for the satanist your talking about? However they might have some objective outlooks, but at the base of it all comes down to a pagan misconception of "who" created creation, mankind and everything else not to mention; "is it watching". Objectively...we probably will never know...but what we can logically agree on, because it's so specific, one decimal place off, and it doesn't exist; is that something did and it's really of no consequence what we call it.
      The way I see comes down to order and disorder or in a broader view, entropy- 0 verses max; but there is a little bit of resistance necessary for creation to function- the physical laws serve that purpose...too little, light go out, too much, the lights go out.
      Valuing creation equals order, disvalue creation equals disorder. Works for me.

      Selflessness, denies self, makes no sense...that's objective.
      Both sides of the issue have been organized by the bicameral brain. Seems to me that it's the same ole story of the left brained-the bad or disorder is good and the good or order is bad along with the physical laws and the natural hierarchy of how things were created.
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      • Posted by 6 years ago
        From what I can tell, using the Satanic Bible and various interviews of Lavey, he created the "Satanic" movement as a kind of rebellion against what he viewed as destructive practices of organized religion. In his mind, Satanists followed the example of Lucifer, the bringer of enlightenment.

        Lavey didn't try to pose Satan as God, but in opposition to God (at least as the fickle God who often visited disaster on even the faithful). He went back to the Abrahamic faiths' Zoroastrian roots, which posited good (Ormazd) and evil (Ahriman) as balancing forces.

        I suspect that in his heart, Lavey was an atheist objectivist, but realized that most people enjoy ritual. Creating his brand of Satanism enticed more people to adopt a belief in self reliance, reward for beneficial behavior, and just punishment for evil (as opposed to unwarranted forgiveness).
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        • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 6 years ago
          That last part is where the left gets hung's not just blanket forgiveness...I read, having an understanding of our slow excruciating evolution into conscious awareness, that Jesus understood that once we became aware, we would be ashamed of our past pagan behavior, (at that time...not so much now) and that this ascension would likely take a very long time and we would continue to recede back into the bicameral brain and get into trouble...this dichotomy would likely hinder our ascension...therefore, he was forgiving, which is a way to make it easier for us to move on and keep trying...he was stating that if you follow his lead it would get easier. Observationally, Jesus was the only man in our history to achieve conscious thought, behavior and world view to it's fullest extent.
          It's my Conscious objective view on what mystically has been confounded by bicameral speak and the organizations that perpetuate the mystical view.
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          • Posted by 77nomads 6 years ago
            You are correct. It is not blanket forgiveness. Once you get thru all I am WRONG STUFF., it's just life all over again. Yes a different perspective. A gentler one hopefully. Jesus is not the only one. His point was that you and I be part and be this conscious thought. It isn't fun at times, just means growing up and knowing you are intermeshed with the world.
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