Comrade Obama's "show of force."

Posted by strugatsky 9 years, 1 month ago to Politics
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While Putin is dismembering Ukraine, Munich style, Comrade Obama is sending 150 soldiers to Poland. He might as well had put an American flag on the road to Warsaw - it would be just as effective. Oh, that's right, based on his extensive experience with shovel-ready projects, Comrade Obama knows that you need at least two soldiers to hold the flag and the rest of the company to supervise.

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  • Posted by 9 years, 1 month ago
    It may be of interest to note that every major war in modern US history has either been started by a Democrat administration, or pushed into it by the Democratic Party:
    Spanish American War - Strongly pushed by the Democratic Party. Universally acknowledged that the DP was the catalyst for McKinley to declare war.
    World War I – Wilson. Although Wilson was not responsible for the start of WW I, his policies are directly responsible for sawing the seeds of WW II.
    WW II – FDR. FDR’s could have prevented WW II, at least with Germany, but along with other European socialist leaders, he chose appeasement. Directly responsible for giving away half of Europe to Stalin and enabling the Cold War, thus negating all the reasons for prosecuting WW II in the first place.
    Korean War – Truman. His policy (or at least statements) of explicitly excluding South Korea from American sphere of influence and protection was the deciding factor in Stalin’s permission to Kim Il-sung to start the invasion.
    Vietnam War – Kennedy / Johnson. No need for details here. A totally avoidable war.
    Iraq I – Bush I. Technically, a Republican, but according to all of his actions, a total socialist, just as his father was and his sons are. “Liberated” Kuwait, but left a huge hole in the balance of power in the Middle East, resulting in strengthening Iran and empowering the jihadists.
    Iraq II – Bush II. Again, a socialist. An unneeded war that left America off worse that before and, at the expense of American lives and money, turned somewhat modern Iraq into a Sharia theocracy. The same goes for Afghanistan.
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  • Posted by $ Susanne 9 years, 1 month ago
    Why are we sending troops to Poland? What will that do, other than keep the cold war warming up? Then again, can't start a "get your name in the history books like FDR" war if we don't have a war, eh? Especially an Armageddon-style war...

    My question - how does Germany feel about this crap heating up? After all - they're right next door. Bet Angela Merkel is watching with interest...
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