Thread PM notifications - can we get an opt out?

Posted by $ Technocracy 5 years, 9 months ago to The Gulch: Feature Requests
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Thank you for the continuing efforts on making this forum more feature rich. I really do appreciate the efforts.

However, the PM notifications for comments behind you are a bit of excessive guilding the lily. I (and I doubt I am the only one) are already signed up for email notifications. This feature, email notification, works very well. The PM notification is performing the same function without using email, well and good. The problem is I can't find an opt out for the PM notifications and do not want both.

I can see the PM notifications being useful while you are on the site, or if you don't want to use the email notifications. However if you are using email notification it is totally redundant.

Further, PMs are a more .... personal... communication. I don't consider it a good vehicle for automatic notifications that will stack up on a hot thread.

Personally, when I see a PM notification, I am expecting it to be something different, and a duplicate of the email I already received is not.

So please, can we get an opt-out checkbox for this feature, or some other way to turn it off?

Thank you

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