How about a full featured post "editor""

Posted by stargeezer 8 years, 1 month ago to The Gulch: Feature Requests
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I'm not certain I used the right term for it, but every other forum I'm on allows us to use italics, bold text, underline, smilies and even post photo's within our posts - not just in the thread notes. The addition of such could be limited to Producers with above a certain number of points, becoming another very real incentive to making the commitment to the Gulch.

There are many occasions when the addition of italics or bold text would clear up any ambiguity about what a poster means in a sentence - face it, not all of us are wordsmiths like KH or our other fine writers. I suspect that we have many lurkers who don't post because they are afraid of being misunderstood. The ability to graphically enhance a post would help those of us who are so challenged.

While I'm making this suggestion, how about increasing the size of the box where we make posts to a thread and the itty bitty box I'm composing this note in. 2 lines of 50? letters is a very small editor space. Most handheld calculators have more editing space. Some of us a spelling challenged (me) and poorly trained with grammar (again me) . Having more space would help us all to compose more artful prose.

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