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Posted by random 5 years, 11 months ago to The Gulch: Feature Requests
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I have a few suggestions that would make this website better, and easier to use. I think I am correct in assuming this is a modified version of Reddit.

1. Implementing Markup

Using markup will allow users to implement bullet points, lists, tables, headings (of various sizes), indented text, code, quoting other posts, spoilers, hover text, strikethrough, monospaced and superscript text along with the default bold and italic options.

2. Saving individual posts

Currently, only threads can be saved. I think the ability to save individual posts will be helpful.

3. Extending message capabilities (or implementing a private noticeboard) for every user

Since this website has cascading comments, this makes it hard to separate new posts from older posts because they might be a reply to an older post. Unlike japanese message boards or forums based on linear post formats, this website sacrifices accessibility for the sake of better discussion (linear post formats do the opposite).

There is no way to know whether someone has replied to your post except by accessing the direct link to your post from your post history. Increase this by the number of comments you make, and pretty soon you have no idea whether someone replied to your post or not, and the only way to confirm this is to open every comment individually from your account. I think this is tedious and unnecessary. This can be made redundant by using bots, or maybe modifying the source code like reddit's (https://github.com/reddit).

If this is implemented, every user will automatically get a message in their inbox whenever someone replies to their comment. The message will contain the reply, and a direct link to it. This will ensure that the user knows someone replied to their comment. This will make discussion easier and the site more accessible.

4. Adding a show/hide feature to the "toolbar" on the right side of the screen

Since every subsequent reply is indented, after 5-6 replies a post is difficult to read, because it is cramped in a very narrow space. Adding a show/hide feature can increase the space a post has, making it easier to read (The attached picture shows how cramped a post can get, even though there is unused space beside it).

Another method would be to allocate the same width to every post, but making the comments section horizontally scrollable, like a separate section.

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  • Posted by GaltsGulch 5 years, 11 months ago
    Thank you for the comments random.

    Regarding notifications, if you add an email to your account, you will be able to subscribe to comment email notifications.

    Could you please tell me what browser/os you're using? The screenshot you posted is not showing images for the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons and we'd like to investigate why.

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