Plumber or chemist?

Posted by JossAmbrose 9 years ago to Entertainment
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Made me chuckle.

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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 9 years ago
    Funny! I'm an EE, not a chemist. I say deionized, if the ions have been removed, and non-ionic we're talking about a molecule with a low dipole moment. I don't know that much about chemistry, so unionized may be a common word.

    EEs, by the way, almost ALWAYS write Pb for the element lead because a lead with the long E sound is a wire to connect to something.
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  • Posted by jimslag 9 years ago
    Good one, unfortunately I know both pronunciations. I studied Chemistry in a prior life and and am now an electrician in in a non-right to work state.
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  • Posted by Notperfect 9 years ago
    Try this one on for size. Youngest brother of all 6 of us went to college and studied Avionics. Graduated and became a Owner Operator Truck Driver. He is a Master Plumber in Texas all in 24 years. Ironic?
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