Jim Taggart's 1950 Lionel Model Train Featured in Atlas Shrugged 2 Can Be Yours

Posted by sdesapio 11 years ago to The Gulch: Promotions
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James Taggart might not have been able to run a transcontinental railroad but, his taste in toy trains was right on the money.

On June 27th, one of our Galt's Gulch Online Producers is going to win James Taggart's very own Lionel 6110 Model Locomotive circa 1950 that was featured on his desk in the film, Atlas Shrugged Part II. This is THE MODEL TRAIN in the film.

Sign up as a Producer today to earn a chance at winning Taggart's Lionel.

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  • Posted by $ Susanne 11 years ago
    Very cool promo... got my fingers crossed!! Of course, in the spirit of Jim Taggart, if you put it on a lionel track and tried to run it, it would probably either derail itself or, if run in a scale model tunnel, stall out and smoke profusely!
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  • Posted by Davidmouser 9 years, 9 months ago
    Just go on Ebay and buy one, hundreds exist and no one will know the difference Go to engraving store make a Taggert plate. WINNING this train is no special feat.
    Make it yourself, do no depend on others
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  • Posted by paulabise 11 years ago
    I had a train and cars made of metal, which I played with every day back in the 50s. When I went off to college, my mom got rid of them. I'd love that train!
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  • Posted by accent 11 years ago
    Love to have this train, my brother had this train when he was a child and it disappeared from our home. Would be great if it was signed.
    Thank you.
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  • Posted by TheEggman411 11 years ago
    My son (2 1/2) loves Thomas the Train Engine. By and large, it is pro-life and teaches good values. I would love to give him the Lionel as soon as he is old enough to cherish it... and then, as he gets older, it will serve a wonderful segue into teaching him greater values and the history of Atlas and Objectivism... also providing us years down the road something early in our lives together that's symbolically on point to embrace. steve eggleston
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