Alan Watts - Anyone heard of him?

Posted by EitherOr 10 years ago to Culture
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[Sorry for long video - first few min should give basic idea.]
I drive to Boulder several days a week and occasionally stumble upon a local radio station playing lectures by Alan Watts. Never heard of him, so I did some Googling. Looks like his popularity peaked in the 1950s and 60s, and from his content I wonder if he could've been inspiration for the character of Dr. Simon Pritchett, or Dr. Floyd Ferris's war on thought.

I always had a hard time visualizing the characters of Pritchett and Ferris - their dialogue in the book is so harsh - why would a nation believe anything they had to say? But after listening to Alan Watts I have a new model for those guys. Watts is an excellent and entertaining orator, and his messages aren't hidden - he presents them as common sense. I can see how he easily won so many fans.

So I'm curious - has anyone else heard of Alan Watts? For Gulch members alive in the 1950s-60s: Was he popular? Did he have an influence on you or people you knew? Or is he just some guy who's lectures are played on Boulder radio stations?



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  • Posted by $ rockymountainpirate 10 years ago
    I don't remember him, but if what I heard is any indication there's a very good reason. He even sounds like a pompous, intellectual snob. His voice and way of talking reminds me of John shoot yourself in the foot for a Purple Heart Kerry.
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  • Posted by khalling 10 years ago
    I would say it is very dangerous when when science is mashed up with govt policy or economics is mashed up with govt policy. I listened for awhile. While he is stating certain reasonable things-he is going to conclude unreasonable things. The flim flam master of Scientology L Ron Hubbard was a master at this.
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