TV bad luck for John G. and Dagny T.

Posted by Itheliving 6 years ago to Entertainment
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Kris Polaha AKA John Galt continues a successful acting career but had his TV series Backstrom cancelled. Now Laura Regan AKA Dagny has suffered the same fate. The series Minority Report scheduled for 13 episodes or more now will complete it's role as a cancelled series after only 9 episodes. I was hoping they might both be cast in the AS TV series if and when it begins filming. Now I am not sure. Best of luck to both of them.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 6 years ago
    Rand would not have hired either of them.
    Polaha was worse than my worst nightmare for Galt. He makes a much better creepy rapist-murderer (CSI 2013.) Perhaps that was the Galt behind closed doors that I missed in reading AS.
    Regan was only acceptable because she followed Samantha Mathis, aka Dagny's grandmother.
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