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    Posted by $ Susanne 8 years, 8 months ago
    To most of us who live here, not much. Sure, when someone votes me down I get a little bent, but still... when push comes to shove, not a lot, as it's not the points, but the sharing of ideas, the intercourse of belief, the knowledge of producing, that make us all one.

    Some like the points to vote someone down to foster their own belief system, some like it to support their own ego, and some - I would hope the majority - use it to thank someone for contributing something of value to our small microcosm of life.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 8 years, 8 months ago
    The Gulch focuses on producing things of value - in particular thought. Points are the currency of those thought exchanges.

    Here are my guidelines for giving points to others:
    1. If I post an article and you respond back, I'm more likely than not to give you a point because I value the feedback and effort. It's not just a participation point, however: I still expect some real thought to be put in.
    2. I usually give points to those who challenge my viewpoints if they do so based on a cogent thought process that is presented in a way in which debate is encouraged. If you are concentrating on the true merits of the topic in a thoughtful manner, I'll usually reward you even though you may disagree with me.
    3. Any time someone is willing to recheck their premises or their definitions.

    When I take away points:
    1. Posts with ad hominem attacks or other fallacies will almost always get you a downvote. If you are a logical, thinking person, these kinds of statements should be recognized for the meaningless, emotional outbursts they are. They provide no value to the discussion and are the favorite tactics of those who want to quell thought - not encourage it.
    2. Attacks against others' belief systems using broad generalities get a downvote. If you want to pick a specific belief/policy/dogma/etc. and say why you think it is based on logical fallacy, that's perfectly okay, but you've got to have a solid argument that's more than just "it's illogical". That's a conclusion - not an argument - and without an argument to go along with it is just opinion.
    3. Posts that devolve into nothing more than rudeness or blatant hostility. These I will downvote AND flag for the moderator. Everyone can disagree, but there is no call for being disagreeable. If your argument can't win on its merits, that should be a sign to check your premises. Tantrums are for my four-year-old. We're adults.
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  • Posted by johnpe1 8 years, 8 months ago
    Nelly, it's a strange electronic hug which we try to give you
    when we like your contributions in the gulch here! . if it makes you
    feel loved, appreciated or at least listened-to, our purpose
    has been fulfilled!!! -- john
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  • Posted by rjkford 8 years, 8 months ago
    khalling, I've been in the Gulch a few years now, commented on occasion and was lucky enough to be chosen for my 5 seconds of fame in AS3. But I've never seen such a innocuous post as yours bring on such a flood of humorous sarcasm. Just goes to show everyone that Gulchers (is that a word?) have more than superior intellect, but a sense of humor as well. Thanks everyone, for making me smile in a week that has had very little humor in it!
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