Ozzie West

Posted by OzzieWest 9 years ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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Just a Druggist in Northern Michigan. Watching Moochers do their Mooching all day long.

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  • Posted by UncommonSense 9 years ago
    How do you do it? Assuming you have a straight face while it's happening, how can you pull it off without giving your disgust away? I'm amazed and welcome.
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    • Posted by 9 years ago
      The Job is now much more about feeding the enormous sense of entitlement carried around by 51% of the population than anything to do with medical care. Medical care is now only of value if someone else can be made to pay for it.
      Remember one of the opening scenes in AS, the novel, describes an out-of-business drug store. Probably killed off by entitlementality, which is about to claim the entire Medical Industry.
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