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Posted by tkstone 4 years, 5 months ago to Going Galt
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Just a thought on Going Galt. My rural area is overflowing with Amish businesses that operate somewhat under the radar. Of course they do pay sales tax and the like, but because of religious sensitivities they get little attention from the feds. Do they have something we could glean in an attempt to create a real gulch? I know a lot of their business is within their own group but they also serve the general public and many "English" seem to like supporting something they see as anti-establishment. A lot of rural small towns in the Midwest would an ideal way for a group of like minded individuals to take over and create an environment where the individual and reason reign.

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  • Posted by 12AngryWomen 4 years, 4 months ago
    Same here. I think the thing I notice the most from the Amish are that they engage in barter more often than the rest of us, which I think is very handy. The other thing is that they have found a few good loopholes from crazy regulation. For example, they cannot sell meat, but they can give it away and charge a processing fee. I am all for a small town takeover here in NW MO
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