Godfather Producer Al Ruddy in the Gulch TODAY

Posted by sdesapio 5 years, 12 months ago to Entertainment
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He's here, and he wants to have a word with a few you about an Atlas Shrugged TV series.

Al Ruddy, the Producer of The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby, is in the Gulch today to ask Gulch Producers a few questions.


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* If you're not yet a Gulch Producer, and you're not interested in becoming one, leave a comment here for Al to have a Gulch Producer potentially mention it during the event. If you are interested in becoming a Gulch Producer, see the links below.

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  • Posted by JCLanier 5 years, 12 months ago
    This is a dream coming into reality.

    The TV series would create greater accessibility to a much larger audience and open the doors still further to Rand's philosophy.

    "Just Do It!"
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 5 years, 12 months ago
    I am afraid I cannot be a Galt's Producer. I under-
    stand that money has to be paid, which I cannot
    afford right now.--Anyway, if it is to be a TV series
    (you mean a mini-series,right?--It just has to have a
    beginning, middle and end) I hope it will be better
    than the movie, which didn't begin to do justice
    to the book. (Being a Puritanical Victorian prude,
    I also hope there would be no cleavage or other
    nudity in it, though there are ways it could be
    suggested without actually doing it). I have often thought about how it could be done. Ayn
    Rand was a screen writer before she became a
    famous novelist, and some of the scenes read
    like instructions to a cameraman. For instance,
    the scene where Hank Rearden stands up in
    front of a lamp, and that makes it look as if the
    light is coming from under his skin. And the
    scene where Philip Rearden goes and demands
    that Rearden give him a job, and says he could
    have his government friends force him to. And
    Rearden, who has been walking away, stops and
    looks back, and then there is a description of
    the machinery at work, and how dangerous it is,
    and Philip's terror of the place, and the implica-
    tion, which sort of suggests---he'd better not.
    Also, that Winston Tunnel episode would make
    a very good episode all by itself. It could start
    with the accidental stoppage, and then the rail-
    road workers making some routine comments in
    conversation, revealing the facts about the train-
    master's brother's suicide (maybe with the ad-
    dition of the trainmaster's mental flashback of
    his disappointment in the news office, which
    refused to publish the story of the suicide), Bill
    Brent's engagement, etc. And, when the train
    goes into the tunnel, the names and occupations
    of the guilty passengers, (the schoolteacher,
    etc.), with little flashbacks showing a clip of the
    teacher and how she behaves in the classroom,
    the others and their favorite sayings, each of
    these with his name and occupation displayed
    in writing on the screen. And then it goes into
    the tunnel. The book does not show the actual
    cave-in. Dagny hears about it on a radio broad-
    cast. And just having it go in there, without ac-
    tually showing it,makes it more ominous and
    horrifying.--And other things like that could be
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  • Posted by Esceptico 5 years, 12 months ago
    I have been an Objectivist since 1962. I say this only to point out I am not antagonistic to Objectivism.

    To me, the Atlas Shrugged movie left a tremendous amount to be desired by anyone examining the philosophy. Disregarding the “explanations” offered for the poor quality, the fact remains the defects were legion. Francisco in Part III, for example, looked old enough to be Dagny’s father or grandfather — not a lover. Dagny in Part III looked like a teenager.

    There were some excellent actors in each of the three parts, and if they had been assembled into one consistent story, I think they would have done a superb job. If Atlas is made into a TV series, can you avoid the (well-warranted) criticisms of the movie?
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  • Posted by dbhalling 5 years, 11 months ago
    Rand's characters do not translate to film/TV easily because her hero's do not express normal emotions, which makes them flat on screen. It will be necessary to give the heroes a wider range of emotion than Rand did in the book. In my opinion this is the one area where you can see the influence of Nietzsche in Rand's fiction.

    Rand also made her villains impotent. She had valid philosophical reasons for doing this, however it makes them less interesting and will not translate as well to a general audience.
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    • Posted by term2 5 years, 11 months ago
      I am not an expert at film making, but I found AS1 quite interesting and compelling. AS2/AS3 were not done as well and were a bit boring. On the other hand I found AS the book was very engaging. (Except for Galts character which I did find emotionless and flat as you noted)
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  • Posted by MagicDog 5 years, 11 months ago
    I am always suspicious of liberals who volunteer for something like this. Usually they want to trash Ayn Rand and libertarian philosophy in front of a bunch of stupid, ignorant and gullible TV viewers.
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  • Posted by term2 5 years, 11 months ago
    Most people today only know socialism. An AS SERIES COULD DO A LOT OF GOOD by showing how objectivist principles can make a better world even for the people who have learned to depend on socialism Showing a path forward from where we are now. AS didn't do that- it showed a declining society. A new AS series could show how we can actually climb out of our decline
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