Gulch Live: Democrat Debate #1

Posted by GaltsGulch 7 years, 5 months ago to The Gulch: Live
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During the debate, 8PM - 11PM ET, please participate in the real-time conversation on the Gulch Activity Feed:

1. At 8PM ET, go to the Gulch Activity feed:
2. At the top, you'll see a "Gulch Live" box.
3. Type your comment, submit, and poof, your comment will be automatically injected into the stream - along with everyone else's comments as well.

- For the best experience, post your comments in the Activity Feed. If you post your comments here, you'll not see the live stream responses and things might get a little confusing.
- When addressing someone on the feed, consider using @membername to address them directly or no one will no who you're talking to.
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  • Posted by Eudaimonia 7 years, 5 months ago
    Make education "free" and bring the costs down... You, Hillita, are an economic illiterate.
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    • Posted by scojohnson 7 years, 5 months ago
      LOL... obviously, here's the issue... their "cash call lap dogs" - the teachers unions... cannot possibly admit that their membership has been dumbed-down and liberal policies have driven-down the quality of public education to the point that, absolutely, a college degree is pretty much what a high school diploma used to be (in terms of education quality).

      Their answer? Nah.... can't say that our schools are failing... that doesn't get us any money... Hey! Let's make college FREE - then we can kick the can away from the teacher's unions. So what if the schools are failing, the kid gets a free college degree!

      Hildebeast... "You should have to work 10 hours a week to pay for school"... Huh? $150? Where are you going to live on that? (better hope you live close to school to use their treasured mass transit because you're not owning a car and paying for car insurance and gas on that...)
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  • Posted by dwlievert 7 years, 5 months ago
    Last evening I forced myself - establishing a new personal best in forbearance, to watch the Democrat “debate.” Through discipline and perseverance, I found it instructive on two fronts.

    The first is political and inescapably obvious. While the Republicans cynically believe the current contest(s) is/are between candidates, the Democrats clearly display that they understand it is a contest of ideas. Ideas which they "religiously" embrace, the support of which they remain steadfastly united - right down to their root. Specifically that the “haves” unfairly obtain their largess either through LUCK, or more often, through some form of unjust EXPLOITATION of the “have-nots.” They then divide up the electorate into ever-increasing numbers of victims, using the same old suspects as the exploiters of said victims.

    The second, and more subtle revelation, is that at the root of the Democrats ideas lay their united and unabashed support for the moral tenets upon which these ideas arise.

    When it is demonstrated to them that their “victims” are the result of neither luck nor exploitation, they then draw the moral argument that the former (haves) are morally obligated to the latter (have-nots). Verbalizing whatever "equitable" standard of fair or just they might fashion in support of their contention, reminding all of accepted moral obligation as our brothers keepers, common good, or some variation thereof, they then mount their podiums.

    It is my judgment, that unless or until the electorate; a) understands that the source of all wealth is freedom from the coercion of others; and b) that it is inherently evil to seek, expect, or demand, that which must first produced by one man and forcibly provided to another; the travesty that is the destruction of our heritage of freedom will not only continue, but accelerate. It will do so because the alleged remedy of forced redistribution, most consistently embraced by the Deomcrats is, in almost all instances, the CAUSE of the alleged “victims.”

    Meanwhile the Republicans continue to evade, ignore, or actually support the MORAL tenets that provide the “fuel” for such evil, while they apologize for the "practical" benefits of freedom and Capitalism.
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  • Posted by $ rockymountainpirate 7 years, 5 months ago
    How many times have they said casino capitalism?
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    • Posted by scojohnson 7 years, 5 months ago
      I was really particularly annoyed by that. Here's the reality that we face as a country - 68% of Americans have all of their retirement hopes and dreams in a 401k or IRA... 55% of those have less than $25,000 saved in it. If you took out, $2000 a month in retirement, obviously you are broke in pretty much about a year. If you get disabled on the job, it can take a few months to get a Social Security Disability claim approved, if they had to use that money to live on, it might be gone in a few months.

      "Casino Capitalism" really does mean though that 68% of Americans are invested in the stock market, to say that is somehow evil is being pretty stupid on the democrat's part, especially since I haven't heard them say anything about an alternative... we all know what that would be... tax the living sh*t out of 7 or 8% of the population to provide a free and comfortably living for 92-93%.

      Did you hear Bernie's own evidence of his pretty poor public education? "0.1% own 90% of the wealth in this country"... later... "the top 7% make 57% of the income"... Not sure how that jives... other than dems always want to talk about "income tax"... like W2 workers... not "wealth tax" that their limousine-liberal donors would be subject to with their inherited or royalty earnings.

      Realistically, ok, the second number is probably pretty close... I've always known that 5% make about 50%. That has always been the case. People immediately assume that 5% make 'all of the money'... but let's look at my own career... I'm in a very high-skilled/high education field, I'm about 45, I have 20'ish years of experience, and I'm in that golden period of between 43-57 or so when you probably make more than you ever will in your career (whatever that is).

      Yes... realistically, you are always going to have a relatively small percentage that are in certain high-paying fields, and are in that certain range of age/experience when their income goes up quite a bit (even over their own previous earnings).

      They want to point the finger at hedge fund managers or something... but we have, what, 5000 of those out of 350 million people? The top 5% would be about 20 million folks, more than everyone in New York City x 2. ..

      people need to wake up when they hear that drivel.
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  • Posted by Herb7734 7 years, 5 months ago
    Free - Free - Free!!!
    Looks as if Hillary wants lower tuition for college students, but how can she have that happen when tuition is free? They are so anxious to give things away that they lose track of what they are giving away? They will tax the top 1% to pay for all the free stuff.
    NEWS FLASH! Notice how corporations move to other countries because of excessive taxation? What's to keep individuals from showing less income by taking hitherto avoided tax breaks? But all of this is moot, since all the money earned by everyone for the next several years won't be able to come up with the trillions upon trillions it will take to fund the freebies. Not even in Monopoly money.
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