The Constitution, R.I.P.: A Poem

Posted by D_E_Liberty 5 years, 3 months ago to Politics
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We came here to live from across the sea
To live in freedom, peace and harmony
But the king put a tariff on our imported tea
So we tossed it in the harbor rather angrily.

Declared independence so all’d be free
It was one by land and twoeth by sea
Fought at Valley Forge so cold and wintery
But the reds finely gave up and just let us be.

So the patriots met, all thirteen colonies
To write the founding document of new country
But only one could write it so they picked Jeffy, T.
He envision justice for all, blessed with liberty
He began it by calling all Americans “We”
But made clear he meant rights individually.
Allow each to pursue what makes them happy.

Free markets, free choice, respect for dignity.
Then provided for defense – domestic tranquility-
A perfect union for ourselves and posterity.

A tripart government balanced so artfully.
Judicial, Congress and elected Presidency
It derived its sole power from you and me.
Retained all the rest to both me and thee.
It served our country well for two centuries.

But the Ladies’ Torch is getting hard to see,
Even brilliant light fades from memory.
Pseudo mystics and moralists make it so foggy.
And tell us instead what its’ meaning might be.

They now claim that the “we” does not include “me.”
Their “perfect union” ruled by statist tyranny.
Ignore the rights of the one versus the majority.
Inalienable rights, long forgotten history.
What remains of the document that once was their creed?

Rewritten by so many times it’s a mere forgery.
High jacked by philistines and by crony greed.
They bootstrap their reason to serve their need.
They use it to justify their tax banditry
Then disdain it as antiquated frippery
They pit one against another, and you against me
“If you can’t join them beat them,” they all seem to agree.

And what’s left of the dream of author Jeffy. T?
The Light of the World’s Freedom’s Democracy?
It’s now a nightmare a collectivist catastrophe.
The Founders roll in their graves in the cemetery.

Oh Say Can You See, The Home of Bravery
Those Who Died for that Document that dwells in D.C.
Equal rights for all our nation’s living decree.
Long Live the Constitution! R.I.P.

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