The Pope. Truly a humble man

Posted by Itheliving 5 years, 5 months ago to Culture
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He drives in a small Fiat. No limo. I just saw him travel by air into NYC. He eschwed a big jet preferring a more modest means.

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  • Posted by SaltyDog 5 years, 5 months ago
    If the things that he's been running his yap about are any indication, he clearly has much to be humble about.
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    • Posted by ewv 5 years, 5 months ago
      He means it. He took his official name from St. Francis of Assisi, well known for renunciation of enjoyment of human life while wallowing in veneration of 'God's creatures' around him:

      "He [St. Francis] restrained his sensual appetites with such
      strict discipline as that he would barely take what was necessary
      to support life. For he was wont to say that it was difficult to
      satisfy the needs of the body without yielding unto the
      inclinations of the senses. Wherefore he would hardly, and but
      seldom, allow himself cooked food when in health, and, when he
      did allow it, he would either sprinkle it with ashes, or by
      pouring water thereupon would as far as possible destroy its
      savor and taste. Of his drinking of wine what shall I say, when
      even of water he would scarce drink what he needed, while parched
      with burning thirst? [Many of the saints drank water in
      which laundry had been washed.] ... The bare ground for the most
      part served as a couch unto his wearied body, and he would often
      sleep sitting, with a log or a stone placed under his head, and,
      clad in one tunic, he served the Lord in cold and nakedness."

      [Saint Bonaventure, The Life of Saint Francis, The International
      Society of Franciscan Studies, J.M. Dent and Co, Aldine House,
      London, 1904, p45-6,
      quoted in Jones, History of Western Philosophy, Vol 2, The Medieval
      , Harcourt Brace & World, 2nd ed, 1969, p.151.]

      (This was quoted in Leonard Peikoff's History of Philosophy )

      This theme is all through the latest Papal Encyclical as the ideal for mankind. The call to suppress industry with viro controls on 'Greenhouse gases' is only one small part of it. LAUDATO SI’ OF THE HOLY FATHER FRANCIS, ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME

      Such sincere ideological humility demanding that humanity be subservient to a mystic realm never stopped the Church from seeking to crush people who tried to use their own minds in support of human values for their own lives on earth.

      It should not be surprising that the Pope and the viros of the Anti-Industrial Revolution are allied. Conservatives have been clamoring that the Pope has been captured by them, but it's the other way around. They have found their home in anti-civilization medieval nature worship mysticism of the Church.
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      • Posted by plusaf 5 years, 5 months ago
        Thanks for posting that! Somewhere I recall reading what I think came from Heinlein...

        "Humans are the otters of the Universe. Eat, sleep, have sex and just enjoy every minute of their lives."

        After much thought about "why are we here?" I came to the realization that IF there is ANY 'purpose' to Life On This Planet (speaking for/of humans...), it's to live as happy, healthy and safe a life as possible.

        Anything above or beyond that is either icing on the cake or some bullshit materialistic goal that might get your name a place in history but, in the end, may not have created any really memorable legacies for yourself or anyone else.

        Sure, people invent and develop and deliver tons of great things... but, JG might agree... if they weren't having fun doing it, WTF (why---) did they do it?!

        Took me something like six fucking decades to figure that out, and if I can leave any legacy for current or future generations, I hope it will be the passing on of that 'wisdom' before I, too, pass on.

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        • Posted by VetteGuy 5 years, 5 months ago
          Thanks, plus! I'm a Heinlein fan as well, but I think I missed that quote somehow ... or more likely just don't remember. I'm closing in on 6 decades myself.

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          • Posted by plusaf 5 years, 5 months ago
            I could have sworn I saw it in The Notebooks of Lazarus Long, but I can never seem to find it... I end up reading and enjoying all of the aphorisms too much... Maybe it was in one of the novels and didn't involve Long at all.... I turn 70 just before Thanksgiving... We grew up with some wonderful s-f in our youth! And some really good s-f later, too.

            Can't wait for Star Wars VII... there were so many rumors WAY back when, that there would be nine episodes... I hope to see at least that many.
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  • Posted by $ rockymountainpirate 5 years, 5 months ago
    When asked if the pope gave good advice, I heard a guy say that he listens to the advice from the pope and the deli lama, but in reality they are just two guys in fancy robes that don't pay their own rent. I agree.
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