FOR HIRE: Computer Assembler (Full Time Employment Needed)

Posted by RAmar 11 years, 1 month ago to Classifieds: For Hire
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Hello, my name is Patrick Keefer. I'm not good with the resume thing, but I can give you what ever details you require about work history any other details you require. I am self taught, as in I spent years and dedication working to increase my understanding of computers and how they fit together. I've assembled 78 computers sense I started in 1998. I work under the idea that a computer is built with the parts needed to do the job the person or company needs it to do and nothing else. If you want it to type documents or play high end video games. I tailor each one to those exact needs. I use MSI/AMD/Creative components in most the the machines I use, however I have built Intel based machines from parts I've refurbished.

To put it simply, I understand more about what the customer wants out of the computer and I find a way to give them exactly what they want and I do my best to make sure quality and reliability are excellent.

I can be reached at 4029530892
I do not currently own a cellular device as they tend to come with features I don't want or need and don't want to pay for. Sorry if that's an inconvenience. I do check my voice mail often.

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