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Posted by $ dhinet 7 years, 2 months ago to The Gulch: General
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Messaging and posts are nice, but after spending 2 weeks on Ustream watching the Live Feeds on Atlas Shrugged - Who is John Galt? Movie production I see how nice it would be to have chatrooms on Galt's Gulch Online. The conversations were enlightening and enjoyable. I understand that monitoring chat rooms can be a challenge. The rooms should be topic specific, Would like to hear what other members think.

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  • Posted by $ 7 years, 2 months ago
    Statements like this one show the need for topic specific chatrooms, I do not have any interest in a chatroom with comments like below. It would be like me joining a computer programming class. Two points:

    1) If you continue to close yourselves off to criticism, you will simply become even more factionalized than you are already. The current frail state of Objectivism is the fault of Rand herself, the Brandens, Peikoff, and later acolytes such as Binswanger. Rather than engaging opposition and publicly defending their ideas, they resort to childish ad hominems. That sort of intellectual cowardice is not going to attract all those people in this country and around the world who, you claim, implicitly agree with Objectivism, or are "sense of life" Objectivists. In fact, it will probably have the opposite effect and turn them off to Objectivism entirely.

    2) Most writers who claim to be Objectivists seem more concerned with "complying" with the philosophy, and copying Rand's style of writing, rather than the more difficult task of *finding their own unique voice* and simply telling good stories.

    The abominable screenwriting in the first two parts of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy are just one example.
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