Question about Ms. Rand's theme of Atlas Shrugged

Posted by flanap 8 years ago to Politics
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As you know, there conspiracy theories discussing Ms. Rand being the baroness of Phillippe Rothschild and being commissioned to write Atlas Shrugged. One wouldn't think this has much credibility; however, when you think about the nature of the direction leaders continue to push society in terms of culture and government enslavement thereof, you begin to wonder if there is any truth to such a conspiracy. The other side is "why" would the secret society elites have her write such a novel, unless it is a secret roadmap to those who would pick up the idea of "shrugging" and run with it. I am not sure, but I can tell you that often when something quacks and walks like a know the answer.

Just some thoughts and I wanted to get yours. I don't think I have seen this discussed here in the Gulch.

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  • Posted by khalling 8 years ago
    if you heard her speak, you would know. If you read her non-fiction as well as her fiction, you would know.
    "Reason is man’s only means of grasping reality and of acquiring knowledge—and, therefore, the rejection of reason means that men should act regardless of and/or in contradiction to the facts of reality." AR, Philosophy Who Needs It
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  • Posted by $ EitherOr 8 years ago
    Well this isn't doing anything for the credibility of that rumor but I have to post because it is HILARIOUS!!!

    "PHILLIP ROTHSCHILD ORDERED ONE OF HIS MISTRESSES TO WRITE AN 1100-PAGE BOOK that would describe to all witches how they would take control of the World through the Illuminati: It's called Atlas Shrugged. (By Ayn Rand)"


    [do a ctr+f for "ayn" and keep reading.
    honestly I'm having a hard time breathing through all the lolz]
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  • Posted by atoms 8 years ago
    Every biographic essay that I have read mentions her struggles escaping from Communist Russia. Unless that is all crap, she has earned our respect as an objective thinker. Just to play the devils advocate for a question... If the boogiemen were gong to pay someone to write books...why wouldn't they pick someone who was guaranteed to be a commercial success back then?
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