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Prompted by an email from a steady adversary, I offer the following prescription for "the Trumpster."

In 1992, Ross Perot, after unsuccessfully attempting to gain the Republican nomination for President - despite impressive popularity, ran as a third party candidate. His decision to do so was prompted, in large measure, by his "treatment" at the hands of the then-in-power Republican hierarchy. The pinnacle of this hierarchy was, at that time, Bush the 1st.

Perot's decision was, no doubt, influenced by his ability to finance his own campaign, together with his revulsion at how he had been treated by said Republican establishment. He subsequently garnered 19% of the vote. The political result of consequence was that the Democrat, Bill Clinton, won with but 43% of the vote.

It is apparent that Trump has touched a sensitive nerve, or two, within the Republican electorate. Should his popularity continue, it is likely that he will again face treatment similar to that received by Perot at the hands of the now-in-power Republican hierarchy, "pinnacled" at present by Bush the 3rd. I suggest he play his "Trump card."

Upon determination that he in no way will win the support of said Republican establishment, then owing to his ego, which is certainly on a par with Perot's - not to mention his vastly superior fortune, he will likely decide to run as a third party candidate. It is upon this determination that he should play said card.

He should contact the Socialist Bernard Sanders. He should begin by assuring him that although he (Trump) understands his (Bernie's) concern, that as a Socialist, he (Bernie) must always be mindful of Margaret Thatcher's famous dictum "the trouble with Socialists is that eventually you run out of other people's money," he (Trump), with respect to Bernie's campaign for the Presidency, will negate that concern.

He should further remind him, that as he (Bernie) discovers the Democrat Party hierarchy will conduct themselves with respect to his candidacy in an identical manner as was done by their Republican counterparts with Perot, and now with him, he (Trump) will render such behavior irrelevant. He will fund Bernie's campaign for the Presidency without limit or reservation, provided he conducts it under a fourth party banner of the Socialist Party.

What a spectacle! I can see it now - Trump wins the Presidency with 30% of the vote! A New York Times headline might be, "Trump trumps Billary, Bernie, and Bush: Shultz and Priebus file for unemployment"

All the lawyers that both Parties might employ will be set to the task of finding the basis for determining the whole charade as "unconstitutional!"


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  • Posted by freedomforall 5 years, 3 months ago
    Its all a fantasy, but for the sake of humor
    Option 1: Unfortunately, that leaves Oracist as POTUS because there will be no electoral majority.
    Option 2: Trump gets electoral majority and the Century of Serfdom continues

    The people are losers in this POTUS election unless a real pro-liberty candidate wins, and there are none presently running.
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