PRODUCERS ONLY: Ayn Rand’s Handwritten Notes

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EXCLUSIVE: For Gulch Producers ONLY

In 1960, Arizona Senator and 1964 Republican presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, published his now famous book, “The Conscience of a Conservative”. The book influenced countless conservatives and helped to lay the foundation for the Reagan Revolution in 1980.

Shortly after it was published, Ayn Rand picked up a copy of the book and as she read decided to annotate the margins with critiques and observations.

Atlas Shrugged Producer John Aglialoro purchased Ayn's copy at a 1986 Ayn Rand Institute auction and has since kept it safely hidden away... until now.

Only once before have they been made public and only to Galt's Gulch Online Producers. In honor of Ayn Rand's new book, we are re-releasing them to Gulch Producers today.

Read Ayn Rand’s personal copy of “The Conscience of a Conservative”:

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