Posted by DaveM49 7 years ago to Culture
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  • Posted by 7 years ago
    Not sure what happened there....apologies for the blank post.

    My intention was to comment on what may be the most misused word in America: "Special". Remember when it used to mean something good? Now, it is a synonym for "defective".

    Mind, I am all for it, if it would be put to constructive use. I recall a time when Walmart had a "Challenged" line--not sure why they dropped it unless they discovered they needed more than one. But....why not use the concept on a wider scale?

    I would like to see "Special" lines for: people who only go to the Post office a week before December with a bunch of packages (or who bring items unpackaged, intending to buy boxes at the P.O.), anyone who opens their checkbook AFTER their purchase has been totaled, people who get to the counter in fast food restaurants and don't know what to order yet, the person in the "express lane" with a full cart, the person who forgot something and decides to "go back for it", the person who drove over the curb or into your car while parking, etc.

    This line would of course be run by the worst employee in the store, someone equipped with a phone and the number of a manager instead of a brain.

    And then the rest of us, who do have better things to do, could get our tasks completed and get on with our days. There is no reason for the weakest of the herd to create a near-constant traffic jam on the highway of daily life.
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  • Posted by khalling 7 years ago
    Lol Bad day Dave?
    I hear ya and raise you talking to a neighbor blocking the aisle, absurd amount time with the drive -up teller. Interruption of your transaction to just ask a quick question, oblivious wandering right in your path, leaving a cart right in the middle of the aisle. screaming at screaming kids....now I feel better
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  • Posted by MattFranke 7 years ago
    George Carlin on what he called 'soft language'.
    This is a good one.
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    • Posted by MattFranke 7 years ago
      Aha, here's the one I was thinking where he talks about children worship; this is where he talks about "special children". Funny as well.
      It's almost near the end of the video.
      He makes a very good point about the movement toward there not being any winners and losers among children.
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      • Posted by MattFranke 7 years ago
        darn it got sucked into the youtube black hole, and can't help myself. Here's a couple other Carlin clips for the, probably, very few fans who might be here. I must say that I don't care for his anti-industrialist, anti-human kind of of humor he gets into from time to time. But he does seem to be a fairly objective person in general, calling BS when he sees it. His underlying philosophy is NOT something Rand would have approved of, nor his style of comedy.(crass, rude and vulgar) But something about him always hits my funny bone, and he does raise many pertinent points along the way. So with that disclaimer, like him or hate him, here's a couple more of my favorite clips.
        Not for the overly-sensitive, or people opposed to foul language(by whose standard?), or those who favor political correctness. Don't hate me for needing a laugh from time to time.

        On why he doesn't like people.

        On peoples irrational fear of germs.

        On global warming and environmentalists

        On religion; only for the atheist's in the group.

        On airport security and the illusion of safety.

        I think I'll leave it at that.
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