A "Delightful" Dinner with The Iron Lady

Posted by sdesapio 8 years ago to Government
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From the blog of Atlas Shrugged Producer, John Aglialoro:
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In 1995, I had the distinct pleasure and honor to dine with the longest-serving and, dare I say, most impactful British Prime Minister of the 20th century.

I'm not talking about dining in the same building mind you. I'm talking about dining at the same table.

The conversation was fun, at times deep, and even went so far as to push me back in my chair a bit with the candor she displayed regarding her "replacement." Those comments were of course, private.

At the time, believe it or not, getting Atlas Shrugged made into a movie was at the top of my priority list. There were other things on that list too but, as you can imagine, Atlas was pretty high up there. As a result, the upcoming film managed to make its way into the conversation with a fair amount of fervor.

And, she was into it.

Before the night ended, rolling the dice, I told Mrs. Thatcher that I would be honored to have her attend the Atlas Shrugged Movie Premiere. In my mind, I would fly her in on a private jet, put her up in the finest hotel, the whole nine. It would be be epic.

I'll never forget her response.

With her famously unique cadence and delivery, responding in the way only she could - as if each syllable had its own period attached - she looked at me and ardently said, "I would be delighted."

It would be 15+ years before the night of the World Premiere of Atlas Shrugged Part I would arrive and, unfortunately, a few years too late. Mrs. Thatcher had already stopped traveling and had to decline.

Oh, but what a glorious moment it would have been.

In 1995, I had the distinct pleasure and honor to dine with the longest-serving, most impactful, British Prime Minister of the 20th century - who, not surprisingly, also happened to be quite the fan of Atlas Shrugged.

Margaret Thatcher was an inspiration, a political power house, and bigger than life. I'm pleased to have made her acquaintance and perhaps more pleased to have discussed with her Atlas Shrugged.

I was... delighted.

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  • Posted by alexwalk55 8 years ago
    Socialism, the only ideology to loose the argument to a Lady and still insist that they are right.
    RIP great Lady Thatcher.
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    • Posted by Maritimus 8 years ago
      You are right in observing that despite obvious failures in theory and practice of the socialist (or is it "progressive", or "liberal", or "communist"? - in my opinion all labels for the same) ideology, huge numbers of people still find a way of dreaming.... If you have not already read Jean-Francois Revel's "Last Exit to Utopia", I recommend it wholeheartedly. It exposes the fundamental dishonesty of the left and their willful misleading accusations of everybody that disagrees with them as nazi-fashists. In fact, all the greatest murderers of the 20th century called themselves socialists. Just recall: Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Tito and Mao. I think that if we are ever going to turn their tide, we will have to multiply Monsieur Revel millions of times, i.e. repeat as a drumbeat his clear explanations. We need education, We need people who will never believe a lie as a truth just because it has been told infinite number of times. Sorry, I did not mean to be this long. I grew up under some of those murderers, so now I am thoroughly allergic to their ideology.
      "See" you.soon in The Gulch.
      All the best.
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