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An excerpt from Galt's speech:

"I am speaking to those who desire to live and to recapture the honor of their soul.  Now that you know the truth about your world, stop supporting your own destroyers.  The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.  Withdraw your sanction.  Withdraw your support.  Do not try to live on your enemies' terms or to win at a game where they're setting the rules.  Do not seek the favor of those who enslaved you, do not beg for alms from those who have robbed you, be it subsidies, loans or jobs, do not join their team to recoup what they've taken by helping them rob your neighbors.  One cannot hope to maintain one's life by accepting bribes to condone one's destruction.  Do not struggle for profit, success or security at the price of a lien on your right to exist.  Such a lien is not to be paid off; the more you pay them, the more they will demand; the greater the values you seek or achieve, the more vulnerably helpless you become.  Theirs is a system of white blackmail devised to bleed you, not by means of your sins, but by means of your love for existence." 

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